Get Manufacturer Pricing For Ultrasonic Cleaning Units At This Dental Supplier

Apr 19, 2024

Health and safety is paramount in any dental surgery. Keeping you and your patients free from infection and cross-contamination is made easier with the Quala 5002 Ultrasonic cleaning tank. Order yours from SurgiMac today!

Need a reliable and advanced solution to cleaning dental tools? Want to find a supplier that you can trust? Order the Quala 5002 Ultrasonic Accessory Kit from SurgiMac!

The device offers dental technicians like you a powerful and user-friendly way to disinfect and thoroughly clean implements. The product joins SurgiMac's extensive inventory of high-quality tools, equipment, and apparel for the healthcare professions.

For the highest quality and ethically sourced products to keep dentists and their patients smiling, put your faith in SurgiMac! More details at

The Quala 5002 features a robust stainless steel tank and has a self-contained generator. A cover is also included which reduces the possibility of liquid spilling out of the tank, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination. You can take advantage of SurgiMac's same-day dispatch to ensure that all orders arrive promptly.

Unlike traditional ultrasonic cleaning systems, Quala tanks feature innovative SweepZone technology. This creates a cleaning grid within the machine, sweeping through the tank to ensure total coverage and deep cleaning of all your implements. This design delivers consistent power across the entire tank, maintaining a high-intensity wash throughout the cleaning cycle and reaching every corner.

The accessory kit includes one solid side basket, a positioning cover, two 600 ml beakers, and one bur tray. The tank itself measures 23.8 x 13.7 x 10.2 cm and is capable of holding 3.2 liters. A swivel drain system makes it easy to empty the machine after the cleaning cycle is complete. Another useful feature is the 60-minute timer, allowing you to customize the settings and let the machine do its work.

SurgiMac operates out of two bases in the US, one in New York and the other in Utah. You can either pick up your purchases from one of the warehouses or arrange delivery. The company's locations ensure that it never takes long for supplies to be delivered anywhere in the US.

You can also order Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution. Manufactured by Quickclean, this product comes in a 32 oz. bottle and contains powerful active ingredients such as Sodium Trpolyphosphate, and Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylate.

A spokesperson says, “SurgiMac is an environmentally responsible medical and dental products manufacturer and national distributor dedicated to providing top-tier products. Our New York (HQ) and Utah-based offices are rooted in long-standing relationships with healthcare professionals that have yielded innovative, high-precision devices, essential to the modern market.”

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For the ultimate clinical clean, go ultrasonic with the Quala 5002 from SurgiMac!

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