Get Luxury Step-Thru e-Bikes With 60+ Mile Range In Newport Beach Now

Sep 8, 2022

Ever wished you had a little more power in your legs when cycling? Why not try a feature rich luxury e-Bike from E-Lux. California designed excellence helps you ride faster and go further.

Get Luxury Step-Thru e-Bikes With 60+ Mile Range In Newport Beach Now

Fancy some new wheels to enjoy that California sunshine? Check out E-Lux Electric Bikes' feature rich luxury e-Bikes designed to help you ride further and faster!

The company has just expanded its inventory of state-of-the-art bicycles, expertly designed to ensure comfort, performance, safety, and longevity on the road. The company uses only the highest-quality materials to build its exclusive line of electric bicycles.

From beach to boardwalk, an E-Lux Electric Bike gets you moving in style and comfort. More details at

The company's collection of high-end bicycles is suitable for a range of applications from leisure time and sport to commuting and off-road pursuits. E-Lux Electric Bikes designs and manufactures everything from hybrids, beach cruisers, and fat tire models to step-thrus and folding bikes.

The E-Lux line answers the rising demand for electric bicycles as more and more of us look to cycling as a versatile, inexpensive, and more environmentally-friendly way to get around. While modern eBike technology may seem like a relatively new development, the earliest electric bikes were made as far back as the late 1800s.

E-Lux's latest GT collection encompasses the luxury cruiser/commuter range. This includes the E-Lux Malibu GT. Available in a step-over or step-thru configuration, the Malibu GT is a contemporary-style bike with an comfortable upright seating position and battery-forward design. A high-end Suntour NCX Suspension seatpost and Serfas Gel Seat help cushion the ride while its integrated Brake Light, Head Light, and Tail Light come standard for added safety. Its drivetrain features a 48-volt Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery and a 750-watt (995 peak) Japanese designed Dapu motor. Power can be controlled by a fully independent Throttle and/or 5 levels of Pedal Assist. Riders can also control how hard the bike accelerates with a three adjustable power settings. Normal Mode, Power Mode for full performance, and Eco Mode for more range. The Malibu GT boasts a battery range of 60+ miles and top speed of 28 miles per hour.

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Also on offer are a new selection of luxury fat tire cruisers including the Tahoe GT. Like the Malibu GT, the Tahoe GT is available in a step-over and step-thru configuration. This line is inspired by the design and styling of classic motorcycles while the 3.5" tires that make for a softer comfortable ride on rough terrain. The Tahoe GT comfort and performance features mirror the Malibu GT described above including a battery range of 60+ miles and top speed of 28 miles per hour.

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Other models from the newly updated collection include the award-winning Sierra GT folding bike, now available with upgraded Bafang Mag wheels, RST Guide front shocks, and Tektro hydraulic brakes. This electric bike is easy to transport and is suitable for trail, beach, or boardwalk riding.

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An E-Lux spokesperson says, “E-Lux Electric Bikes was formed in 2014 to bring feature-rich, affordable luxury e-Bikes with exceptional customer service to our clientele. We love providing people the opportunity to experience the performance, ease, and thrill of riding electric bikes. With an E-Lux Electric Bike, you’re in control. It's up to you when to power up, take that hill, push into the wind, or go the distance.”

With its latest inventory additions and upgrades, E-Lux Electric Bikes is bringing electric power to a new generation of cyclists throughout California and beyond.

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Whether you're a casual cyclist, an experienced rider, or a commuter looking for an alternative way to get to work, E-Lux Electric Bikes has something for everyone!

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