Get Ketamine & Vitamin IV Infusion For Neuropathic Pain At Top Dartmouth Clinic

Feb 7, 2023

Are you suffering from chronic nerve pain, CRPS, or RSD that just won’t go away no matter what you try? Call Thrive IV at 508-848-8089 for effective ketamine and vitamin IV infusions to make your pain go away today!

Get Ketamine & Vitamin IV Infusion For Neuropathic Pain At Top Dartmouth Clinic

If you’re frustrated by all the pain treatments that don’t seem to work, and you’re beginning to lose hope, take a moment to learn about Thrive IV’s ketamine therapies.

Thrive IV’s effective ketamine infusions are available to help you manage your pain and restore the light to your life once more.

The center uses safe and effective adjunctive therapies to relieve discomfort and other symptoms of neuropathic pain, like CRPS or RSD.

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According to the CDC, approximately 200,000 Americans suffer from CRPS and high-impact chronic pain yearly, resulting in restricted mobility, anxiety disorders, depression, and other related conditions.

IV ketamine therapy aims to relieve chronic pain by targeting the root causes of ailments. Thrive IV's specialists begin by conducting in-depth reviews based on your diagnoses and tailoring ketamine IV infusion treatment plans to your health needs.

The center’s ketamine and vitamin IV infusions are developed to promote rehydration, boost the immune system, enhance mental clarity, and improve cardiovascular health. Depending on your treatment plan, IV infusions are usually administered through intramuscular injections during infusion sessions that last between one to four hours.

Thrive IV provides a comfortable and peaceful environment where you can relax during treatment sessions and recovery. Its specialists monitor your vital signs during infusion sessions to ensure the best results and adjust the treatment based on your response.

Thrive IV’s infusion therapies can also be used to treat OCD, neuralgia, and bipolar disorders and have proven helpful in boosting NAD+ metabolism in the body and complementing weight loss programs.

About the Center

Led by Dr. Michael Pellegrino, Thrive IV provides effective ketamine and vitamin infusions to manage symptoms caused by a wide range of health conditions. The center’s specialists apply in-depth knowledge of complementary and adjunctive medicine in creating effective treatment plans for pain management.

A representative said, "Thrive IV uses Ketamine infusions to help increase our patients’ well-being and reduce constant, chronic pain. We are dedicated to giving our patients hope to live a happier, more productive, and fulfilled life."

You can live a pain-free life and achieve optimal health. Call Thrive IV at 508-848-8089 to book an appointment now!

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