Get Ketamine Therapy For Bipolar 1 Disorder Near Newbury Park, CA At This Clinic

Feb 2, 2024

Get quick relief from the highs and lows of bipolar 1 disorder with ketamine IV therapy from Chrysalis Ketamine (888-836-4334).

Living with the highs and lows of bipolar 1 can be exhausting. One minute you’re on cloud 9 and the next, you are back to feeling no pleasure at all.

No matter how out of control you may feel, there is a way to regain power over your bipolar disorder with Chrysalis Ketamine’s IV therapy. Book your consultation today by visiting

The clinic now uses ketamine IV therapy to treat bipolar disorder, a mental health condition affecting about 6 million U.S. adults. Ketamine infusions, administered by Chrysalis Ketamine, are used to provide rapid relief from the symptoms of bipolar disorder, including episodes of mania and depression.

So how does it work?

Ketamine is used to boost the activity of glutamate, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood and emotions. “The promptness of ketamine in yielding an antidepressant effect occurs because this drug bypasses the conventional serotonin path and goes straight to switching on glutamate,” Chrysalis Ketamine explains.

Ups and downs of bipolar disorder

Bipolar 1 is the most common form of bipolar disorder, while also being the most severe. If you have been diagnosed with this type of bipolar disorder, you will know all too well what it's like living with manic episodes (extreme highs) followed by major depressive episodes (extreme lows).

Symptoms of a manic episode can include feelings of elation and irritability, racing thoughts, a decreased need for sleep, and an excessive appetite for pleasurable activities such as eating and drinking. This can be followed by up to two weeks of depressive symptoms, including feelings of hopelessness and despair, fatigue, difficulties with concentration, and suicidal thoughts.

How many treatments will I need?

According to a study published in BMC Psychiatry, repeated ketamine infusions produced a 47.2% reduction response in patients with symptoms of major depression. To reap the best results, Chrysalis Ketamine recommends booking six infusions over two to three weeks, with any necessary maintenance infusions scheduled accordingly.

If you are feeling anxious about the treatment, Chrysalis Ketamine recommends listening to music during your ketamine therapy sessions as this can help to create a relaxing environment and enhance therapeutic effects. All of your treatments will be administered in privacy and overseen by Chrysalis Ketamine's resident physician, Dr. Hagop Karpanian, a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist.

One recent patient said: "Dr. Karpanian is wonderful! He offers a thoughtful, gentle, and empathetic approach to the work he does. He values connection and collaboration to help alleviate his patients’ symptoms. He is a very caring doctor."

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