Get Ketamine IV Therapy For Bipolar Disorder At Top Calabasas Infusion Clinic

Dec 5, 2023

Are you looking for rapid relief from the extreme mood swings of bipolar disorder? Chrysalis Ketamine (888-836-4334) is here to help with their new ketamine IV therapy for patients in Calabasas.

Those suffering from bipolar disorder know, all too well, the highs and lows of this mental illness. Your mood can swing from one extreme to another, with periods of severe depression and energetic mania. If these highs and lows are interfering with your everyday life, and the medication you’ve tried isn’t working, it might be time to try a new treatment in the form of ketamine infusion therapy.

The new therapy from Chrysalis Ketamine provides almost instantaneous relief from the symptoms of bipolar disorder. If you have found that traditional SSRIs, such as Fluvoxamine, are taking months to work (or not working at all), then why not try a new approach? Ketamine activates a different neurotransmitter to those you've been trying, yielding much faster results.

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According to research from the DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans and is equally prevalent in men and women. Chrysalis Ketamine’s IV therapy can quickly stabilize your mood within hours, making it a popular treatment for this particular disorder.

So How Does it Work?

As explained by Dr. Karpanian, “Ketamine helps with bipolar disorder by rapidly boosting the activity of glutamate, a neurotransmitter inside the frontal cortex of the human brain, while also allowing new pathways to form in the same area.” This treatment is often highly effective in treating bipolar disorder where other, more traditional, antidepressant medications or therapies have been ineffective.

“Ketamine treatment is remarkably different from conventional antidepressants, which ultimately boost serotonin activity levels in several areas of the brain to ultimately affect glutamate. This process usually takes weeks, sometimes months, while ketamine produces an almost instant result and relief from anxiety symptoms,” says the clinic.

Does Ketamine Help with All Types of Bipolar Disorders?

Chrysalis Ketamine provides information on the different forms of bipolar disorder, including bipolar 1, bipolar 2 and cyclothymia. Those suffering from any of these disorder types will typically display manic and depressive episodes, explains the clinic, but it is essential for you to verify your specific disorder in order to be prescribed the correct treatment.

The clinic provides private treatment rooms for those undergoing ketamine IV infusions, monitoring each patient throughout. Infusions last approximately one hour, with dosages carefully determined by the team according to each patient’s needs.

Dr. Karpanian explains that ketamine therapy works best when approached holistically, advising you to retain good sleep, diet and exercise habits to ensure the most positive results. Alongside your first ketamine treatment, you will also receive a complimentary coaching session, entitled ‘Being True to You'.

Fast, effective relief from your bipolar disorder can be achieved with ketamine infusion therapy. Book a free consultation today at

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