Get In-Home Self-Directed Nursing Support For Adults With Disabilities In MD

Apr 12, 2024

If you want in-home care that you can have control over, Community Health and Education Services (CHES) (240-755-5591) in Montgomery County offers self-directed nursing support with various options, so you can develop the best care plan for your life!

You deserve to have the highest quality care from compassionate people who understand your disabilities and strengths, and to play a key role in deciding what your care involves.

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CHES gives you two main options for your self-directed care, depending on your level of need: nursing consultation or nursing case management and delegation.

Nursing Consultation

CHES says the nursing consultation service is ideal for people who have a Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) level of 3 or higher and are generally capable of self-directing their day-to-day care.

This service includes a self-administration assessment and a comprehensive nursing assessment done by a Registered Nurse who has completed DDA-approved RN training. You'll receive help creating your healthcare protocols or routines, assistance developing methods for communicating with doctors, and up to four visits from a CHES nurse per year.

Nursing Case Management and Delegation

The Nursing Case Management and Delegation service with CHES is suitable for people with any HRST level but tends to be more appropriate for people with higher HRST levels.

As part of this service, CHES provides an RN who issues all necessary assessments and works with you and your family to develop the best care plan for your needs. Your RN will also train your staff to successfully and safely complete all pieces of your care plan to ensure your day-to-day support is everything you need. This option comes with in-person nurse visits at least once every 45 days, but more if needed, as well as assistance in managing your medications to whatever degree you think is necessary.

Working With CHES

On the organization's website, you can get advice for choosing the most appropriate option for your nursing support services. You'll answer guiding questions like "Do you take responsibility for managing your meds yourself?" and "Do you rely on your unpaid staff or family members to administer your meds?"

If you're interested in self-directed, at-home care, you can also contact the expert team at CHES to discuss which option is most appropriate for your unique needs, goals, and living situation.

Located in Lanham, MD, CHES serves residents of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, as well as the DMV. The organization's mission is "to provide affordable, unmatched care services to the vulnerable, so they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes and communities." CHES employs certified, experienced professionals who further its vision of providing attentive, compassionate care that supports and empowers children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Learn more and start developing your self-directed nursing support plan with CHES today by visiting

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