Get Help With 12 Step Recovery & Assisted Treatment From Westport House Sober Care Provider

Dec 27, 2017

Westport House, a sober living and support provider, has announced it can help local CT residents with full service assisted treatment plans. It offers a continuum of care founded to support transition back to a healthy life.

Westport House, in Westport, CT, has announced it can help to support local residents with medication assisted treatment plans, including Suboxone, in tandem with comprehensive therapy. It has a 12 step facilitation program, and prides itself on being more than just a sober house.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that Westport House is a continuum of care founded to support its clients transition back to school vocation, and the home as sober, self supporting individuals. This is because research shows that after inpatient treatment, a supportive recovery environment can have a huge impact on long term success.

Westport was developed from the ground up to provide a supportive, caring safety net style services. These help to gradually enable young people to experience independence with built in accountability and support.

The continuum of care provided by Westport House is designed to easy people back into a healthy lifestyle. This allows them to experience real life responsibilities, benefit from social interaction, and gain valuable work and living skills at their own pace.

Four components are at the heart of the step by step continuum provided by The Westport Sober House. These building blocks for a successful transition back to productive life include residential life, clinical care, work and school, and health and recreation.

Westport combines aesthetics with practical form and function to create safe, supportive environments to support young men as they grow and recover. In addition to this, it can integrate and sustain clinical practices, to help ensue the best transition.

These clinical practices and therapeutic approaches are one of the elements that separates Westport from other, similar services. Westport also has a highly trained team of professionals and staff who pride themselves on their high quality service, and strive to always offer the best help, care and attention.

Full details of the benefits Westport can provide are available on the URL above.

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