Get Help Overcoming Video Game Addiction With Expert Self Hypnosis

Oct 23, 2019

With self hypnosis you can overcome video came addiction and use your time more productively. Check out all the details at:

  • get help overcoming video game addiction with expert self hypnosis
  • get help overcoming video game addiction with expert self hypnosis
  • get help overcoming video game addiction with expert self hypnosis
  • get help overcoming video game addiction with expert self hypnosis

Are you getting addicted to video games? Do you crave one more game before bed, and need to scratch that itch? This program could be for you.

Created by Dr Steve G Jones, it provides key self hypnosis tracks to help people overcome their addiction. This then gives them more control over their time and helps them to achieve more during their day.

Research shows that 64% of people in the US are gamers. Video game addiction is on the rise, with people spending more time playing games than ever before.

But if you are addicted, then where can you turn for help? This program has the answers.

A new video game addiction hypnosis program has been launched by Dr Steve G Jones, helping people to break free from their addiction to video games. It covers key techniques for breaking free from computer games and putting and end to gaming addiction for good.

More information can be found at:

Dr Jones explains that addiction means craving something intensely, and to the brain this means registering pleasure when certain needs are fulfilled.

With video game addiction, the brain released dopamine when the addicted player is enjoying a game. Addictions have the power to release dopamine in the brain consistently, reliably and quickly.

Players can know whether or not they are addicted to playing video games if they find that they’re intensely crafting a gaming session. This is a form of losing control, and Dr Jones points out that it’s a sign of addiction.

While those who are addicted might feel as though it’s impossible to break free, with the right approach it is possible. Usually, addictions begin with triggers, and gaming cam be a way for players to escape.

Dr Jones explains that addicts need to tackle their problems instead of running away from them. In addition to this, they need to take their mind off playing video games.

One method for doing this is to do something productive instead. This can help to take the mind off gaming and the cravings can be translated into something worthwhile.

For those who are struggling with gaming addiction, Dr Jones has created a program that can help. He is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, and offer self-hypnosis tracks to speak directly to the subconscious mind.

He states: “If you’re struggling to overcome gaming addiction, then self-hypnosis may provide the answer that you need in order to curb those subconscious cravings and to make your mind desire more beneficial habits instead.”

Full details can be found at:

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