Get Handcrafted Essential Oil Rollerball Blends by Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane

Jul 28, 2023

Can’t get enough of essential oils? With Loving Essential Oils’ Rollerball Remedies, you don’t need to be at home to indulge in aromatherapy. Check out these handcrafted roller blends by Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane.

Often, the need for aromatherapy strikes us at the most inopportune time. Realizing this, Loving Essential Oils endeavored to introduce its Roller Remedies line.

This line of handcrafted essential oil blends comes in rollerball bottles and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have something handy when that craving for an aromatherapy sesh kicks in.

Each product in the company’s newly developed Rollerball Remedies was conceived to offer relief for a specific ailment. So whether you’re looking for a calming blend or something that will keep away pesky mosquitoes while on a trip, Loving Essential Oils definitely has something for you.

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Created with busy people in mind, Loving Essential Oils’ Rollerball Remedies offer a selection of handcrafted blends comprising carefully selected essential oils and an organic fractionated coconut oil base, which also acts as a skin moisturizer. Each ingredient was personally selected by Jennifer Lane, Loving Essential Oils’ certified aromatherapist, for their therapeutic benefits and synergy with other oils.

“She carefully chooses the oils based on their individual therapeutic properties, as well as their aroma and synergy when combined,” the company stated on its website. “Her blends are designed to help with a variety of physical and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, and muscle aches.”

One of the latest additions to the series is the Cedarwood Roller, aimed at people struggling to fall asleep. Cedarwood is the perfect ingredient for this variant because it possesses sedative properties that can induce sleep and help reduce both stress and anxiety. “It can also be used to help improve skin health, as it is known to help reduce acne, dermatitis, and eczema,” Loving Essential Oils added.

Another newer addition is the Cypress Roller, a cypress essential oil blend designed for both aromatherapy and massage therapy. This concoction is perfect if you’re looking for a particular blend that can provide pain and inflammation relief, improve focus and mental clarity, and offer relief for respiratory conditions like sinus congestion.

Rollerball Remedies also feature blends for relieving tension and stress, meditation, indigestion, mood improvement, and more. So check those out if you’re looking for something else.

In addition to producing handcrafted blends, Loving Essential Oils maintains an online library of DIY recipes for those looking to mix essential oil blends at home.

“We believe in the effectiveness of essential oils in taking care of common health issues, so we want this information to be freely available,” founder Jennifer Lane said. “So whether you’re looking for ready-made blends or how-to articles, be sure to stop by Loving Essential Oils.”

If you love essential oils, head on over to for orders or the recipe for your next project.

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