Get Friendly & Welcoming Dental Treatments From This Summerlin Dentist Named Among Top 100 in the USA

Sep 25, 2018

Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has been named one of the top 100 dental practices in the USA. This dental practice located in Summerlin, NV is perfect for anyone that wants healthier teeth and offers a range of preventative, restorative and cosmetic treatments.

Stunning Smiles, a leading professional dental surgery based in Las Vegas, has been named one of the best 100 dentists in the USA. This Summerlin dentist boasts well over 700 perfect 5 star reviews and offers a huge range of dental services including day dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, preventative care as well as restorative dentistry, and is ideal for anybody that needs to go to the dentist, or anyone that wants to improve their teeth health.

Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas is a dedicated dental office that offers top quality dental services and aims to offer these services at an affordable price. One of the main aims of the dental surgery is to improve the health and quality of life of patients through top notch dental care and preventative care.

Dr. Racanelli and his team have a wealth of experience in the field of dentistry and uses state of the art equipment, as well as being compassionate and striving to exceed expectations of the patients that visit. This means patients can rest assured that they are in very capable and caring hands when visiting the practice.

Patients will find that there are various dental services available. For instance, Stunning Smiles offers same day dentistry, which can provide patients with emergency fillings, crowns and other simple dentist procedures. With same day dentistry, Stunning Smiles are able to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened or even broken in the same day, incredibly quickly and professionally

In addition to the same day dentistry, Stunning Smiles offers invisalign services for anyone wanting clear braces to perfect their smile. This type of treatment consists of a series of clear clip-on mouth trays that are custom fit to each patient and can be removed whenever needed.

The mouth trays apply a controlled amount of force to the patient’s teeth, making them shift over time almost like braces, but since these trays are made from clear plastic, they are near invisible and much better looking than standard braces.

A full list of dental services available for local patients can be found on the URL above.

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