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May 30, 2024

Planning a move? Find out how much it’s going to cost, absolutely free and with no obligation. is the simple way to find the best movers, get the best rates, and find up-to-date strategies for making your next move, easy.

Do you know what's worse than a box full of snakes?

A box that's supposed to be full of snakes...

Don't worry, no reason I mentioned that - but if you'd rather have someone else carry the boxes, I suggest you start at

Moving to a new home or apartment is considered one of the most stressful “ordinary life events” that most individuals will experience at some time... even without snakes.

It Doesn't Have To Be

The simplest way to avoid the stress of moving, according to, is to consider hiring a full-service moving crew. If you're not sure what that means - well, you're gonna like this.

These crews can take care of the entire process, so you don't have to.

They offer tons of options to make the process simple. They can relocate art, disassemble and reassemble furniture, or even have your home fully set up before you walk in the door. Some crews will even hook up all your electronics, so you just walk in the door, and it's like you've lived there all along.

Be Prepared, It's Easy

While a full-service crew can handle the majority of the process, includes several suggestions that can make the move easier, particularly in case of an emergency. This includes packing certain items separately, and keeping them available, in case the moving truck becomes lost, is in an accident, or otherwise cannot be unloaded on schedule.

In short - just because someone else is handling the heavy lifting, it doesn't mean we shouldn't take some basic precautions.

Having a personal bag with everything required for the next 24 hours, including toiletries, clothing, wallets, medications, and personal items, can help to prevent most complications. This emergency bag should always be packed in advance, and should not be transported in the moving truck unless you happen to be driving it yourself.

Full Service & DIY Options

The full guide from explains all your options for full-service moving and how these options compare to DIY options.

The truth is, there's no "perfect solution," for everyone, it depends on your situation.

This is my advice - find out what it costs first, and work from there.

You can estimate the cost for any move, from full service to DIY with assistance, using the quote request tool. You'll be asked to fill out one simple form with details about your move, such as the location, amount of furniture, and details about obstacles such as stairs or long walkways. will send this information to 7 pre-vetted local moving crews, and you will receive estimates for your move with no cost or obligation.

It's free, easy, and helps you to find the best crew and to be fully prepared.

Like I said earlier, it's just easier with

Check them out, or get your free quotes, at

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