Get Free & Accurate Bathroom Remodel & Reno Quotes From Bakersfield Contractors

Feb 2, 2024

If you’re a homeowner in Bakersfield planning a bathroom upgrade or renovation, start the process off right with free contractor quotes from the trusted industry experts at EWC Home Remodel (877-587-0554.) Call today!

With the increasing popularity of house flipping shows where individuals invest in a rundown home, then renovate it, and sell it for a considerable profit, many avid DIYers can be tempted to try to save a few dollars on their own bathroom renos by taking on the job themselves.

This is a Pandora's box you do not want to open. Instead, open

Instead of saving money on the cost of labor with a DIY bathroom upgrade that has the potential to go completely sideways, contact EWC Home Remodel. With one quick call, you will receive free and transparent contractor quotes to suit your budget, and then you'll be connected with a trusted contractor in your area.


EWC Home Remodel keeps you from having to sift through endless Google listings, looking for whatever that thing is that will convince you one or the other contractor is right for your bathroom reno. They've replaced this stressful, time-consuming, hit-and-miss endeavor with a one-call service designed to offer you a streamlined and reliable hiring experience.

Whether you're planning a cosmetic upgrade to your bathroom, or a full-scale renovation, hiring the right contractor can mean the difference between your dreams being realized and a catastrophe that flushes all your money away.

Here's what you need to know, says a spokesperson for EWC Home Remodel:

“Our one call service is the ultimate solution for first-time homeowners in Bakersfield. We simplify your bathroom renovation process by providing cost quotes and facilitating introductions to reliable general contractors. It's an easy process that first clarifies your needs so the quotes you're provided with are accurate and the contractor you connect with has the right expertise.”


With inflation and high-interest rates still influencing consumer buying decisions, many homeowners are opting to renovate smaller kitchens and/or bathrooms instead of buying a new home. If this is the decision you've made, you are to be congratulated. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are reported to be the most popular home renovation choices made in 2022, according to a US Houzz & Home Study. They also yield the highest ROI compared to other renos, says a report from Zillow.

The team at EWC Home Remodel says that bathroom upgrades and renovations are more than just home improvement projects, they are an investment in both property values and your quality of life.


With their free bathroom remodel quote service, EWC Home Remodel is making it easier for you to get a clear idea about the costs associated with your plans, and to connect with the right general contractor for the job. They'll put you on track to achieving the bathroom remodel of your dreams, no matter the scale or design scheme.

Is it time to put down the sledgehammer and pick up the phone? The experts at EWC Home Remodel are standing by and ready to help. Let's start your bathroom reno off on the right foot with a free and transparent quote. Learn more and get in touch now, at

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