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Jun 3, 2024

To bring a sleek, modern look to any space without compromising safety, choose frameless glass installations from SOS Glass Services (+61-410-311-916).

SOS Glass Services’ made-to-measure frameless glass installations are more than just a product, they’re a lifestyle upgrade. Whether it’s for your pool fencing, balustrades, or shower screens, the clean lines and clear glass create a contemporary, light, and spacious ambiance that traditional materials can’t match!

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Safety First

The company emphasizes that its architectural glass products are compliant with Australian safety standards and meet local building codes and strata arrangements, making them a wise choice for family homes and public areas.

See The Beauty, Not The Barrier

If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your backyard, SOS Glass Services will install frameless glass pool fencing. The absence of frames provides an unobstructed view and allows natural light to pass through, making pool areas feel more spacious and open. With no gaps, bars, or footholds, the structures are also climb-resistant, reducing the risk of children climbing over or squeezing through the fence. Moreover, they enable poolside supervision from a distance and prevent unwanted entry from wildlife.

Elevate With Clarity

To divide spaces and provide a safety barrier for changing floor levels, the company supplies frameless glass balustrades that complement a wide variety of materials. Their designs can be used in various applications such as staircases, balconies, landings, and terraces.

A Splash Of Sophistication

Another service SOS Glass Services offers is installing frameless glass shower screens. Together with enhancing the visual appeal of bathrooms, these features are easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces and lack of crevices for water, soap scum, and mold to accumulate.

24/7 Glass Rescue

Alongside its range of new installations, SOS Glass Services offers quick and reliable solutions for unexpected glass breakages. The experienced tradesmen are available 24/7 for emergency replacements and will promptly remove and replace broken glass to ensure your property’s immediate safety. Replacements can typically be cut onsite; if not, the builders will secure the area until a replacement can be installed.

What Customers Are Saying

One satisfied customer said: “SOS Glass Services provided a highly professional service. They removed existing awning windows and replaced them with fixed glass panels in our home office room. The work was carried out efficiently and the end result is beautiful working double-hung windows. We highly recommend them.”

Get In Touch Today!

For the quality, elegance, and peace of mind you need, call SOS Glass Services at 410-311-916 for your frameless glass installation today!

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