Get Financial Guidance & Accounting Help Selling & Buying Businesses In Coffs Harbour With This NSW Specialist

Mar 26, 2018

Chau & Hennessy, a leading accounting firm in the Coffs Harbour area, has announced it can help clients looking to buy or sell a business. The expert team has over 40 years’ experience in the industry and prides itself on its high quality service.

Chau & Hennessy, a leading Coffs Harbour NSW accounting firm, has announced a service to help clients with independent analysis when looking to buy or sell a business. This allows them to be well prepared in any negotiations on a potential purchase or sale.

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When looking to purchase a business, the team at Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants, as part of their complete assessment service, can assist by highlighting the past performance of the business in question, and identify possible revenue patterns or trends.

Other items in the purchase report will list the business outgoings including staff and any other fixed and variable costs, as well as looking at the business structure, assets, and any existing inventory and liabilities. All of which can influence proper valuation.

When looking to sell a business, a detailed independent analysis can help clients to determine the correct market valuation and arrive at an accurate selling price in line with current market expectations.

Another important strategy to consider when selling is to commission a professional and well-presented report rom the expert team at Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants, which will highlight details such as sales and the future prospects of the business in question.

Chau & Hennessy Professional Accountants is committed to providing clients with the best service when it comes to business purchasing and selling. Besides offering this service, their experienced team also provides efficient, reliable and trustworthy accounting and financial services.

The company has over 40 years experience in the accounting industry, and works hard to ensure each client gets direct partner contact. As such they have been successful in the way they assist local businesses to navigate the complexities of current accounting practices.

Full details can be found at the website above, and interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided online.

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