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Aug 2, 2023

If you’re approaching your golden years, you need sound financial advice from experts you can trust. Bedrock Investment Advisors (+1-800-779-4183), a fiduciary and financial advisory firm, offers financial services and customized retirement plans for Americans over 50.

While there is no shortage of financial "gurus" out there clamoring for your attention and your cash, not all of these so-called money experts have your best interests in mind!

Bedrock Investment Advisors is much more than a cookie-cutter financial firm: it's a certified fiduciary with a legal obligation to put your financial needs first and foremost. No tricks, gimmicks, or products for sale!

If you're approaching retirement, the firm can help you develop a financial plan specific to your unique life circumstances, with a foundational focus on a personal relationship that adheres to fiduciary standards of trust.

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As financial planning for your retirement requires a high level of sensitivity and confidence, the services from Bedrock Investment Advisors are built on a strong basis of mutual understanding - a foundation established by conveying details about investment risks, identifying quantifiable goals for your life, and explaining the components of your customized financial plan.

Fiduciary financial advisors, which comprise around 60% of all financial advisors in the United States, are required to prioritize your interests in comparison to non-fiduciary advisors. “We don’t get paid to push a product and we are only successful if you are successful,” explains a Bedrock Investment spokesperson. “We always have your best interests in mind - which has earned us a solid reputation as effective, dependable and trustworthy.”

Following the fiduciary template of care, the process of creating your customized retirement plan starts with the process of building a working relationship. This entails a Bedrock Investment advisor sitting down with you and getting to know your long-term and short-term financial goals, ideal time horizon, and level of comfort with risk before making any recommendations. Learn more at Bedrock Investment Advisors

The firm then takes a closer look at your overall financial situation before building a stable and robust foundation for the details of your plan, which involves a review and guidance regarding FERS, 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored accounts, traditional and/or Roth IRAs, pensions, guaranteed investments, and income-producing real estate. See additional details at Retirement Planning

While you may already have various investments in place, Bedrock Investment offers you expert advice to help you consolidate all sources of retirement income into a cohesive overall strategy.

While these services are aimed at retirees and individuals approaching retirement age, Bedrock Investment Advisors also offers financial guidance for clients at all stages of life, including young professionals, business owners, government employees, and corporate executives.

Put your financial future in the hands of trusted, reliable experts!

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