Get Fast Response Knee Injury Treatment In Queensland Australia With This Gold Coast Acute Pain Clinic

Nov 3, 2017

Dr Angus Nicoll has launched a new weekly knee specialist clinic for anyone suffering from acute knee problems. They can get fast appointments to get treatment, care and attention and get back to playing sport quicker.

A new weekly acute knee injury clinic has been opened on the Gold Coast in Australia. Patients can be seen by a highly trained, expert specialist without having to wait for a referral from their GP, getting fast and effective treatment for their knee pain.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that anyone in the local area who has suffered an injury during weekend sport or in training for things like soccer, football, netball, cricket or cycling can get in touch. The knee specialist can help to ensure they get the best treatment.

Run by renowned knee surgeon, Dr Angus Nicoll on the Gold Coast in Queensland, it offers access to high quality knee specialist treatment.

When people suffer a knee injury, it’s important to get it seen to and assessed as quickly as possible. Leaving it too late can lead to further problems and injury. Getting it assessed right away can ensure patients get the appropriate management, helping to facilitate an early return to activity.

Many of Australia’s best knee surgeons run weekly injury clinics in their area, and the new opening on the Gold Coast is the latest in helping patients to get the best care.

For anyone who has suffered a knee injury playing sport, an acute knee trauma clinic offers them an early and expert assessment. This can determine whether or not a significant knee injury has occurred.

Patients can also quickly learn what they need to do next to ensure they receive the best care and attention. Appointments are exclusively for patients who have recently injured their knee, whether it’s from a weekend sports injury or simple training accident.

This helps to ensure that everyone in need can get an early assessment, getting the same service that professional athletes and AFL, ARL and A-League teams receive.

Full details can be found on the URL above, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided.

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