Get Expert Handover Help For Your Waukesha Business With Succession Planning From SBAS

Jul 11, 2018

Get expert help with the handover of your business whether keeping it in the family or selling to a third party with Small Business Accounting Solutions. The company is known for its high quality service and for listening to clients.

Small Business Accounting Solutions, based in Brookfield, WI, has announced it can now serve clients from New Berlin, Elm Grove, and Waukesha. It is a one stop shop for small business accounting services, business and individual tax preparation, and payroll services.

More information can be found at:

One of the other services the company is known for is its succession planning service for local businesses. Interested parties wanting help with business succession planning can get in touch for expert guidance and advice.

Run by Dan Milos, Small Business Accounting Solutions has a reputation for excellent service in all that it offers clients throughout the local area. It’s known for listening to its clients, guiding them, but not surprising them with additional fees and hidden tax liabilities.

One of the things that separates the firm from others in the area is that it works closely with each client to ensure it can offer the best service. Small Business Accounting Solutions (SBAS) gets to know the goals of each individual client, and from there can guide them to achieving their goals.

With its succession planning service, it aims to streamline the process of handing over a company when the owner retires. With family businesses, the dynamics can complicate the process, and working with an expert can help to ensure the smoothest handover.

SBAS Group explains that there are a number of things to consider when implementing a well-designed succession plan. It’s often important to keep the business within the family, but other owners might want to sell to a third party. Choosing the best option is key moving forward.

Other important factors include deciding who will run the business when the owner is gone, and how to minimize tax bite while making it fair when going through the transition.

SBAS Group states: “Once we understand how you feel about the key issues, we begin constructing your succession plan focusing on business valuation, business restructuring, tax consequences, retirement projections and tax projections.”

Full details on the services available can be found on the URL above.

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