Get Effective Pain Relief That Targets The Root Of Your Symptoms In Memphis, Tennessee

Sep 28, 2020

If you are suffering from back pain in Memphis, Tennessee, find out how you can get relief from your pain. Learn more about how Midsouth Pain Treatment Center is gaining record number of five-star reviews on Google for helping their patients get pain relief.

Are you suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck or shoulders? Whether you’ve had an injury or are dealing with any other issue, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can help.

They take pride in offering personalized pain relief treatments, helping you to get back to living your life in the best way.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center in Memphis, Mississippi, has launched an updated service for local patients. They offer personalized treatment plans to help patients get effective pain relief in Memphis.

More information can be found at:

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center has established a reputation as a leading pain relief specialist in the region. They pride themselves on allowing you to recover from injury and chronic pain with proven methods and approaches.

They use the latest in advanced medical technology to address the source of patients’ pain. This allows them to provide fast, effective pain relief quickly and helps patients to get back to peak fitness quicker.

Their mission is to investigate and treat the root cause of patients’ pain issues. With this information to hand, they are able to provide them with guidance and treatments tailored to their individual needs. This ensures that patients stand more chance of enjoying long-term success with their pain relief options.

Midsouth Pain Treatment Center has 5 clinics and 2 surgery centers helping patients get relief from their pain. Clinics are in Cordova TN, Jackson, TN, Oxford, MS, Tupelo, MS, and Southaven, MS. Surgery Centers are located in Germantown, TN and Southaven, MS. A highly trained tream of medical providers are available to help with bespoke pain management solutions.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center provide rapid pain relief to give patients tailored treatment plans for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip and leg pain, and more.

The team explains that although medicine has its place, there are other treatments that can be used for effective results long term. Treatments from MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can help patients to minimize their dependency on medicine while working towards a pain-free future.

They specialize in HF10 therapy, which is a Paresthesia-free spinal cord stimulation treatment. This is mainly used to treat chronic back and leg pain.

The team states: “Patients who have tried many other pain treatments unsuccessfully have found relief with HF10 Therapy. They are often able to live without additional surgeries and are able to reduce their need for medication.”

Office hours are from 8:00am through to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday. You can find out more info at:!

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