Get Discounts On 2-Bedroom Condominium Rentals In Willemstad Near The Beach

May 11, 2023

Merakii Seaview Escape in Willemstad, Curacao is finally opening its doors in partnership with Sweet Spot Rentals, and are offering you exclusive discounts to commemorate the occasion.

Go on a journey with me for a moment, dear reader:

You've worked hard to earn your vacation, and now you are nestled back in a reclining beach chair, a cold, fruit-flavored beverage nestled in the sand at your side. The umbrella above your head keeps the sun off your skin, but its warmth still washes over you, carried by a sea breeze tinged with tropical brine. Somewhere in the distance, a group of people is playing ukuleles softly as their singing voices are carried out over the sea. Waves crash gently at your feet. Your troubles simply melt away.

Now, couldn't you get lost in that fantasy? I certainly could. And while it may seem that a tropical vacation is out of reach, or that you could never relax so completely, I have news for you: not only is such a dream vacation possible, it is well within reach.

A new partnership by Sweet Spot Rentals with Merakii Seaview Escape Resort has made traveling to some of the premier Caribbean vistas more attainable than ever. Thanks to this new partnership and for a limited time only, you can enjoy an exclusive one-time discount on your stay at the resort.

To book your dream vacation, visit

The Merakii Seaview Escape Resort is the latest partnership in Curacao by Sweet Spot Rentals and is among the more luxurious offerings the company has added to their catalog to date. A combination of stylish modern living areas and carefully considered on-site amenities makes Merakii a high-quality addition to their selection of partner properties.

The recent updates to the Merakii have introduced self-contained apartment-style living to the resort, each room complete with a fully equipped kitchen, studio living area, and ocean-facing balcony for you to enjoy. Each room has been decorated according to the overarching tropical theme of the resort while remaining bespoke and understated.

You and your fellow guests will also be provided with a smart TV and high-speed internet connection along with conveniences such as a dishwasher and fast-boil kettle. Sweet Spot Rentals is always available on site to handle any additional requests that you may have before or during your stay at Merakii.

Outside of the rooms, the resort features a luxury swimming pool and lounge area, leading into the on site guests-only tiki bar where you can enjoy authentic cuisine and refreshing drinks. Beyond that, the courtyard provides direct access to the lush tropical garden, designed to provide a serene and isolated experience away from the rest of the resort.

The resort is located in Willemstad, Curacao, which is an area rich with history and recreation opportunities alike. You will find that the area surrounding the resort is host to such attractions as golf courses, museums, natural areas, and the marine research institute of Curacao, which allows visitors to experience the native sea life of the waters off the coast of the island.

The new discounted deal will allow you to stay at the resort for under $100 per night, which is an extraordinary deal given the area and facilities. I would be booking my stay immediately if I were you!

Rooms are available through the Sweet Spot Rentals custodial service, with condos available to house up to 4 guests. Visit their website at to view available rooms, and dates and to read more about the on-site amenities available at Merakii Resort.

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