Get Custom American-Made C10 Chassis & Suspension Kits For DIY Truck Upgrades

Dec 8, 2023

Your C10 truck deserves to run as good as it looks. Give it that well-needed upgrade today. Visit Modern C10 (405-863-0139) for the best custom-made chassis and suspension systems in the US.

Looking for a lifted suspension, a beefy chassis, or any other part to make your truck stand out? Let Modern C10 craft for you the best C10 truck parts on the market.

Modern C10 offers American-made truck parts designed to help you enhance the performance, handling, and stability of your C10 truck. The chassis and suspension systems are designed, fabricated, and installed in-house by the company’s team of skilled craftsmen.

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Custom 67-87 C10 Chassis & Suspension Systems

The custom-made C10 chassis and suspension systems are designed to work seamlessly with the original components of 67-87 Chevrolet trucks. Each part is manufactured to meet the specific needs of different C10 trucks.

“American-made frames and chassis are more than parts; they're symbols of durability and precision,” said a spokesperson for the company. “American-made equals top-notch materials, meticulous design, and a promise of longevity. It's the difference between a truck that lasts a decade and one that lasts a lifetime.”

Large Catalog of US-Made Truck Parts

You can find a catalog of parts in the company's online store, offering various components for restoration, repair, and upgrade projects.

One standout, for instance, is the 1973-1987 Modern C10 Round Tube Chassis, featuring an adjustable quadrilateral 4-link system. The square body pickup is made from USA-manufactured DOM steel tubing and precisely fit and TIG welded. It weighs 173 pounds less than the original, with a 17% increase in rear weight bias, resulting in improved handling and traction for vehicle owners.

The experts also offer other American-made performance parts for C10 trucks, such as brakes, drivetrains, electronics, and more.

From Parts To Full C10 Builds

Modern C10's craftsmen have the expertise to build entire C10 trucks from scratch, including the chassis, suspension, body, and interior. Its team is experienced in using MIG and TIG welding techniques to create chassis and suspension components using high-quality materials like mild steel, chromoly, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. All of their builds are finished with custom plumbing, wiring, paint, and bodywork.

Modern C10 continues on its mission to provide you with the finest American-made parts and services. The company's services have been profiled in several industry publications, such as Street Muscle Magazine, Ultra-Carbon, Diesel Army, Classic Truck Performance, Driving Line, and Speed Society. For more details, visit

A spokesperson added: "Performance isn't just about speed; it's about handling, stability, and safety. Upgrading your C10 frame can transform your truck from a vintage classic into a modern beast."

With its durable construction and attention to detail, Modern C10’s custom truck parts are an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Visit or call 405-863-0139 to upgrade your C10 truck.

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