Get Crack-Free Neck Ache Chiropractic Sound Wave Treatments In Pompano Beach

Aug 11, 2023

EPIC Clinics Pompano Beach (754-432-3653) is the place you need to go to get rid of your chronic neck pains for good! Using modern sound wave chiropractic treatments, they can painlessly (without cracking) treat the root cause of your pains.

If you suffer from chronic neck pains, chances are you’ve tried the usual medication and treatments. The problem with these options is that they often only mask your symptoms, meaning the cause of the ache remains.

Now, there is another way you may not have heard about, and it may ‘sound’ crazy but the chiropractic services from EPIC Clinics Pompano Beach use innovative sound wave treatments. The treatments combine percussive sound pulsing with pinpoint accuracy that can adjust and correct misalignments in your body.

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Because many chiropractic treatments involve ‘cracking’ whereby practitioners manually and forcefully manipulate your joints and spine, these procedures can result in further pains, stretched ligaments, and long-term joint instability.

EPIC's treatment is a revolutionary alternative that involves no cracking, twisting, or other potentially damaging movements.

As the main focus of the treatments is to eliminate the root cause of your condition, treatments at the clinic begin with an evaluation that diagnoses your neck pains with a comprehensive assessment. This includes using X-rays, physical exams, and spinal screening tests before creating a personalized treatment plan.

The EPIC treatments are done using the clinic’s Integrity Genesis machine, which uses laser targeting, digital calibration, and percussive sound impulses to perform cervical adjustments. This non-invasive and highly accurate procedure is pain-free, meaning you will not feel the sound waves, only the positive results they achieve.

Soundwave treatments from the Florida clinic are suitable for the aforementioned neck conditions, as well as for lumbago and thoracic back pains, sciatica, pinched nerves, sciatic neuritis, piriformis syndrome, and slipped, bulging, ruptured, or prolapsed discs. Details of how their treatments successfully helped an individual who suffered from chronic neck pains can be found at

Located on the North Federal Highway, EPIC Clinics Pompano Beach’s services are available to you throughout the surrounding Florida area, with details for arranging your first consultation available on the company’s website.

A spokesperson for EPIC Clinics Pompano Beach said, “If you’re tired of treating your symptoms with endless cycles of medication? We’re here to help you get results.”

Get crack, twist, and pain-free treatments for your chronic neck pains with the innovative chiropractic sound wave treatments from EPIC Clinics Pompano Beach.

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