Get CPA Support In Filing Amended 941-X Filings For ERTC With This Service

Feb 29, 2024

Are you looking for help with your ERTC claim? This firm offers CPA assistance to maximize your financial aid!

The deadline for the Employee Retention Tax Credit is approaching, and if you want to make sure you get the refund you’re owed before it’s too late, working with a firm like LP Consulting gives you the best chance of success.

Visit for expert assistance!

Get pre-qualified before you claim

You can use the form on the LP Consulting website to begin your claim and discuss the process with the team, who will pre-qualify you within 15 minutes or less. If you’re eligible, you can then benefit from a fully done-for-you application that meets IRS requirements and minimizes the risk of queries or issues.

The ERTC program was created to help businesses retain employees during the pandemic. You can receive up to $26,000 back per W-2 employee based on qualified wages paid, and with the deadline for filing claims set for April 2024, LP Consulting is helping SMBs across industries compile and submit the amended returns.

Secure the maximum refund amount

The firm has already assisted restaurants, schools, professional service firms, and more to claim credits. For example, one of its recent clients, a Houston restaurant owner, secured $400,000, while the owner of a school in Illinois was sent a check worth $175,000.

It notes that small business owners often lack the time and knowledge to gather all documentation and submit an accurate claim. By engaging experts like LP Consulting, you can ensure accuracy, maximize credits, and avoid queries from the IRS in the future.

Eliminate any mistakes

LP Consulting will compile audit-proof documentation including payroll records, health insurance payments, and retirement plan contributions, helping to ensure your claim withstands IRS scrutiny. The firm also stays up-to-date on the latest guidance around the ERTC laws and regulations.

With the IRS cracking down on potentially fraudulent filings, LP Consulting says that it’s essential for you to work with a reputable partner.

Give yourself the best chance of success

A spokesperson states: “We’re focused solely on maximizing your refundable claims, with a simple process that requires less than 15 minutes of your time. You won’t find us preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services of any kind.”

Don’t miss out on the money you’re owed – claim now before it’s too late!

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