Get Color Flake Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings With Best Boston Expert

Dec 3, 2022

If your factory floor is looking worse for wear and you need affordable yet robust concrete coating services, Metrocrete Boston’s epoxy surfacing brings both the style and the durability you need. Give the team a call at 617-202-2973.

Get Color Flake Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings With Best Boston Expert

Looking for durable yet smart-looking flooring options for your industrial facility? Put your best foot forward and call New England Floor and Metrocrete Boston. Check out the company's range of epoxy coatings today!

Browse a comprehensive range of robust and durable floor coatings, combining both stylish aesthetics and functionality for industrial applications. The expert team offers you detailed consultations on which type of flooring system is most appropriate for your needs.

Success starts from the ground up - lay the ultimate foundation for your business with hard-wearing and stylish epoxy coatings from Metrocrete Boston. More details at

Check out the inventory of finishes including anti-static coatings with high-density sealants built into the design. These epoxy surfaces provide safe flooring for your industrial premises where flammable solvents are likely to be in use and there is a danger of stray sparks.

Epoxy is a kind of synthetic resin that is commonly laid on top of concrete. According to The Spruce, this material offers a high-performance, durable, and smooth surface that is capable of withstanding heavy loads. Before application, concrete surfaces must be fully cleaned and cured and any cracks or holes filled.

The industrial epoxy floor coating services offered by the Metrocrete team include Color Flake. This contains vinyl chips - available in a range of colors - which can be augmented with a coat of primer to provide further shade options. If you have a larger budget, the Quartz epoxy system also adds thickness and durability.

Other options include metallic epoxy coatings. This reflective option has the look of stained concrete or marble and is as eye-catching as it is robust. You can also order a Moisture Vapor system which is tailor-made to address damp issues caused by hydrostatic pressure. This coating takes root deep in the concrete's pores to prevent the excessive build-up of moisture.

The team also offers grind and seal concrete flooring. This combines floor grinding and staining of the concrete with a clear epoxy seal coat on top. Other services include epoxy surface repairs and cove base coatings to seal and protect the moldings around your room's perimeters.

A spokesperson says, “Epoxy coatings are extremely versatile. They range from thin garage floor paint for low traffic use to commercial and industrial high performance, chemical resistant non-slip coatings.”

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For epoxy floors in the Boston area, you need Metrocrete!

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