Get Cloud Hosting & Fast Data Services From This Tech Expert Sourcing Company

Nov 15, 2022

Looking to outsource your cloud hosting infrastructure? Technology Source (+1-800-340-8115) will partner you with the perfect service provider in order to scale your operations!

Get Cloud Hosting & Fast Data Services From This Tech Expert Sourcing Company

Your premise-based technologies are negatively impacting your businesses operational efficiency and expenses.

Technology Source works with its partners to recommend three of the industry’s best-in-breed service providers. Technology Source's provider recommendations are based on your technical requirements, timeline, project budget and their past implementation experience.

The SaaS (Sourcing-as-a-Service) company can now offer you cloud hosting and data storage solutions through their network of specialized service providers.

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The Technology Source team are making cutting-edge cloud solutions available to your organization, no matter its size. The comprehensive cloud expertise of its partners can enable your employees to securely access your company data, desktops, and applications from their own devices--anywhere internet services are available.

Technology Source's team of advisors can help you design and implement cloud solutions instead of relying on out-of-date, premise-based hardware. While your transition to the cloud will work to maximize efficiencies, the true benefit of their services is the impact on your customer's experience.

Additionally, the Technology Source Advisors will recommend service providers in cloud services, who can offer you access to a virtualized network of external servers in the cloud. Cloud-based services can reduce your company's downtime and avoid revenue loss caused by service impacting outages.

Moreover, the SaaS company can help you reap the benefits of hybrid cloud systems, which combine public and private cloud services and work to make your company more agile in its response to spikes in growth or demand.

Technology Source has professional connections with over 500 service providers. Key service offerings include, managed IT solutions, telecom services and business mobility. Technology Source's Advisors will recommend three service providers that they consider as best-in-breed for your unique business needs. Once a solution is selected, Technology Source goes to work to negotiate the best possible price for their client partners.

Dominic Antonini, the president at Technology Source commented, “Instead of using a traditional RFP, our Sourcing-as-a-Service platform gets better results in less time. Technology Source's Advisors work with your IT team, but are not your payroll.”

Technology Source is the SaaS agency with an international network of cloud and infrastructure solution providers - call them today at +1-800-340-8115 to speak to a Technology Advisor!

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