Get Chronic Disease Screening With Primary Care Package In Somerset, NJ Clinic

Aug 2, 2023

Are you looking for a healthcare partner that will take care of you and your family without the hassle of insurance and complex deductibles? Premier Family Physicians (848-237-9112), a membership-based clinic in Somerset, NJ, is for you!

Looking for a fresh approach to healthcare? Premier Family Physicians focuses on preventive care and wellness and offer a membership-based primary care package. With easy access to a primary care physician, unlimited consultations, and priority appointments, members can be attended to quickly. And let's not forget about transparent pricing. No more surprise bills!

Premier Family Physicians offers chronic disease screening, stress and weight management, and immigration physical checks for those who are in the process of getting residency in the US.

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With their commitment to unhurried and extended consultations, the practice encourages you to have a positive association with healthcare centers and doctors, which, in turn, pushes you to see a doctor before your symptoms worsen, improving your prognosis.

The practice offers a membership-based primary care package that provides you with 24/7 access to a primary care physician and allows for unlimited consultations. Moreover, as a member, you are prioritized for same-day or next-day appointments. The membership also includes highly personalized and comprehensive healthcare plans that can be adjusted as necessary. Members of the Premier Family Physicians community are treated holistically, with prescriptions for medication coupled with tips on how to manage stress more effectively, include healthier food in your regular diet, and improve your sleeping habits to ensure that you are managing your illness and living a healthier life overall.

The clinic provides various services, including monitored prescriptions for chronic illnesses, disease prevention and wellness management plans, newborn, pediatric, and gynecological care, and preventive healthcare services. For individuals going through the immigration process, the clinic has a government-authorized physician available to conduct immigration medical exams necessary to complete Form I-693.

“We are a full-scale family practice office offering all essential services as well as weight loss programs, stress management, and immigration medical evaluations. We provide the latest healthcare information for families like yours. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family as healthy and safe as possible,” a representative said.

Premier Family Physicians' membership healthcare allows for a closer, more personal relationship between patients and their primary care physicians. Doctors have fewer patients, so they can spend more time on each person, focusing more on preventative care, and helping patients manage their health proactively. Seeing the same physician regularly improves the continuity of care because the doctor already knows your health history and can better monitor changes or detect anomalies.

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