Get BHRT For Menopause Symptoms & Reduced Breast Cancer Risk In Fairfax

Dec 7, 2023

Need some help with your hormones? If HRT hasn’t worked before, you need to try bio-identical hormone replacement therapy at Gentle Wellness Center (703-996-3999). Book your consultation now!

Struggling with mood swings, menopause, lack of libido, or fatigue? Have you considered bio-identical hormone replacement? Gentle Wellness Center's pioneering treatment could be just what you need. Book a consultation at the Fairfax, VA, med spa today!

Enjoy a state-of-the-art medical treatment that has proved effective in addressing a range of health conditions, from mood disorders and sleep irregularities to diminished libido. The treatment is suitable for both men and women and is performed at the center's well-appointed premises on Lee Jackson Memorial Highway.

Rediscover the happier, healthier you with BHRT at Gentle Wellness Center! More details at

Now there's a way to rectify imbalances that occur as a result of aging, stress, or specific medical conditions. The bio-identical profile of the hormones mirrors those found in your body for a more individualized and effective solution. Book an appointment to discuss your medical history and symptoms and explore whether the treatment is right for you!

Hormones are made by your endocrine glands and carried, via the bloodstream, to various organs throughout the body, and control vital functions such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and libido. While bio-identical hormones are laboratory-made, they are chemically identical to the ones that your body makes, enabling easier absorption and a more accurate match than that offered by traditional hormone replacement treatments.

The Gentle Wellness Center website lists several potential benefits of the treatment whether you're male or female. Men may see improvements in muscle mass, strength, energy levels, stamina, and mood as well as enhanced bone density, cardiovascular health, and a reduced risk of prostate issues.

Female clients may experience relief from both pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms alongside enhanced libido, improved sleep quality, increased skin elasticity, improved memory, and a decreased risk of breast and endometrial cancer. Sounds pretty good, right?

Bio-identical hormone replacement can also offer relief if you're suffering from cognitive decline, osteoporosis, and weight management issues.

In addition to its BHRT offerings, the center also provides you with acupuncture, ozone therapy, vitamin C infusions, and a range of aesthetic services such as HydraFacials and Morpheus8.

A spokesperson says, “By mirroring the body’s intrinsic hormones, BHRT provides a more individualized and productive solution than conventional hormone therapies. This advanced treatment addresses various health issues, from menopausal symptoms to chronic fatigue.”

Restore balance to your mind and body with BHRT at Gentle Wellness Center!

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