Get Best Women’s Fashion Sterling Silver & Enamel Stud Earrings In Waco, TX

Aug 2, 2023

Di’Amore Fine Jewelers have Waco’s most fashionable collection of fine stud earrings for women and they have options to suit all budgets.

Your favorite new pair of earrings is waiting for you at Di’Amore Fine Jewelers.

The jeweler has new stud earrings that feature diamonds, precious colored stones, pearls and enamel. They also have plain 14K and 18K yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver options you’ll love. You’ll appreciate that all of Di’Amore Fine Jewelers’ new stud earrings have been handcrafted by their renowned master jewelers and all of their diamonds and precious stones are American Gem Society (AGS) approved.

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Di’Amore Fine Jewelers have been crafting jewelry in Waco, Texas for 24 years. Their new stud collection has been released as the 2022 ear piercing trend continues into 2023. As a recent style report on Who What Wear explained, with many women now having several piercings in their ears, including multiple side by side in the lobe of their ear, the simple stud earring has come back in a big way.

The style magazine also stated that silver and pearls are two of the biggest textures in earrings, which is why Di’Amore Fine Jewelers have launched their new fashion collection in both sterling silver and high-quality gold, pearls and diamonds.

In diamonds, one of their classic new studs you can purchase is their timeless 14K Yellow Gold 1.15 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings set, which features two large round solitaire diamonds in an understated claw setting.

If you want a look that is more here and now they also now sell single studs, if you are hoping to create what Who What Wear said is currently the biggest trend in earrings - the mismatched look. As such, they have options like their 18 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Trillions Jude Frances Single Earring Stud, which features a single round diamond inside a contrasting triangle-shaped stud.

In sterling silver, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers have new options for you, like their Sterling Silver Diamond Tacori Surf Board Stud Earrings. This pair has been designed to give you the elegant glamor of diamonds fused with the modern and youthful charm of silver.

The master jewelers are also announcing that they are now offering you in-house financing for their high-quality gold and diamond range. You are encouraged to visit the store to learn more about their accommodating options.

One happy recent visitor to the jewelry store said, “The staff at Di’Amore Fine Jewelers was attentive, accommodating, professional, proactive, and overall fun to work with on a purchase I made with the store. Highly recommended.”

Whether you want a fashionable pair of sterling silver and enamel earrings or a timeless and iconic gold, pearl or diamond stud, Di’Amore Fine Jewelers have something for you.

Visit to start shopping for your next single stud earring or stud earring set, and if you want to learn more about their great financing options.

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