Get Best Light Therapy For Neuropathic Foot Burning With Orange, CA Chiropractor

May 16, 2022

If someone said you, “Hey, I bet those drugs they give you for your peripheral neuropathy have some wicked side effects!” he wouldn’t exactly be going out on a limb, would he?! Ditch the drugs and call Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor (714-938-0575) today!

Get Best Light Therapy For Neuropathic Foot Burning With Orange, CA Chiropractor

Prescription medication for peripheral neuropathy has never been considered very effective. And the side effects – even by the standards you are accustomed to – are not nice!

Dr. Barry Marks Chiropractor, founded in 1986, now offers a program of cutting-edge therapies to relieve foot pain/burning caused by peripheral neuropathy. This treatment does not employ chiropractic manipulation and is not yet commonly accessible at other facilities.

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The clinic’s new treatment protocol, based on procedures that have documented success, aims to fix the underlying cause of your symptoms, instead of masking the pain. His treatments use a combination of proven therapies to restore blood flow and repair damaged nerves in your feet.

The North American peripheral neuropathy market stands at approximately $300 million and is growing at about 4% annually, driven largely by the demand of both the obese and geriatric populations. The condition is commonly associated with diabetes: in the U.S., its occurrence among adult diabetics is almost 30%. The blood sugar spikes of diabetic patients often damage the nerves in their feet, resulting in peripheral neuropathy. It can also be caused by a wide range of systemic diseases, chemical exposures, infections, genetic disorders, and even medications. Symptoms include burning pain and numbness and can trigger additional problems.

Dr. Marks’ treatments address the root problems of your peripheral neuropathy physically, electrically, and chemically by using light therapy. One of the therapies employed is also used by the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America – as chemotherapy is toxic to the nerves. The clinic offers a free neuropathy screening exam to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the new foot pain relief program.

Dr. Barry Marks is a car accident chiropractor and chiropractic pain relief specialist. A former associate clinical professor at a leading chiropractic college, Dr. Marks offers car accident whiplash treatment, concussion, and MTBI therapies, as well as pain relief for headaches, neck, and lower back conditions. He also treats shoulder pain and knee strain from sports, the fatigue of fibromyalgia, or any other ache or pain. Dr. Marks’ chiropractic treatments are all based on scientifically established procedures that yield positive outcomes without the use of medicines or surgery. To reduce your pain quickly, only the most proven and effective treatments are used.

One patient commented: “I can’t say enough about Dr. Marks. I have been going to see him for many years. Lifesaver I’ll tell you. Many times I have gone in to see him with severe pain. Neck and lower back. Left feeling great. Thanks, Dr. Marks for all you do to help people like me.”

Medication is often the best solution to a problem – say what you will, but ibuprofen is momentary magic and anesthesia nothing less than benevolent high-grade sorcery! But many times drugs do more harm than good or only serve as temporary patches.

This is one of those times!

Go to and see for yourself why his calm, gentle demeanor and effective treatments have won him so much gratitude from his patients.

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