Get Best Custom Gates And Wood Fencing From This Federal Way WA Contractor

Mar 1, 2021

Pacific North West Fence offers expertly designed custom gates and wood fencing solutions you need for your Federal Way home or business – call +1-253-563-0100 today to find out more.

Don’t compromise on your property’s fencing–get in touch with Pacific North West Fence, check out their services and discover why they are the fencing solutions you deserve!

Pacific North West Fence, a fencing contractor business located in Federal Way, Washington announced the launch of an updated range of custom designed gates and wood fencing services. The company specializes in a wide array of fence installation, repair and maintenance services.

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Pacific North West Fence is a locally operated business that has been providing excellent service to the community of Federal Way and the surrounding areas for many years. Their updated custom gates and wood fencing installation services provide you with professional fencing solutions.

According to the fencing contractors, the most important function of gates and fences is to keep your property safe and protected from trespassers and intruders. However, they can also add aesthetic appeal to your home by extending your home’s unique design around your property’s boundaries.

The company is not only known for excellent fencing installations, but are also skilled in creating custom designed gates. With this service, the company’s experienced technicians are able to fabricate any gate design to your exact requirements. They will work very closely with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality and look of each custom-made gate before installation.

Wooden fences are also one of the company’s specialties. It has always been a popular choice with clients because of it’s durability and natural beauty. Cedar and pine wood are recommended as they are sturdy and will not warp or shrink over time. Furthermore, wooden fences can be customized with special wood staining techniques to achieve different shades and colors. With regular maintenance, wood fences can maintain their beauty and can last for several years.

Pacific North West Fence also offers vinyl fencing, chain link fencing and privacy fencing installation and repair services. Committed to customer care and satisfaction, the company’s team of contractors are always available to help you choose the right fences and gates that will suit your budget.

Pacific North West Fence is the trusted name in professional gate and fencing installation and repair–call them today at +1-253-563-0100 to ask about their services!

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