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Jan 3, 2024

Shocked at the cost of conveyancing, which was quoted to you by a solicitor? If you want truly bespoke pricing, then AVRillo Conveyancing should be your first choice. Find out why this award-winning firm is winning the hearts of first-time homeowners across the country.

If the cost of a new home in this economy sounds bad enough, then wait until you hear about the sum you have to pay to get the piece of paper that proves you own the thing.

Conveyancing costs, just like food, rent, and everything else, have also gone up, and if you’re in the Midlands, congrats because you’re at the epicenter of this increase.

But then again, if you’re in the Midlands, count yourself lucky because your area is being served by AVRillo Conveyancing.

No fixed-fee conveyancing

AVRillo Conveyancing has just introduced a new fee structure offering homebuyers like yourself a more affordable alternative to rigid fixed-rate pricing schemes offered by most solicitors.

The firm explained that it wanted to make the conveyancing process more attainable because it's something that a growing number of individuals and families need right now, especially with the ballooning cost of, well, everything you could think of.

You can learn more about its unique fee structure at

The cost of transferring a property

The latest study by home services resource reallymoving found that the cost of moving in 2022 rose by 21% compared to the year before, with “sharp rises” observed in the area of conveyancing fees. It also reported that the Midlands, along with Northern England, will see the biggest jumps in costs.

In response to this, AVRillo Conveyancing opted to introduce a more pocket-friendly alternative to fixed fees: a “basic” fee that will only require additional charges if unexpected complexities, which obviously require extra work, arise during your engagement.

Bespoke conveyancing costs

AVRillo Conveyancing points out that what this pricing structure offers is transparency and the option to pay only for what you need. It adds that while fixed pricing is often valued by customers, it doesn’t often paint the full picture, as it often involves paying for services you don’t need.

“If your case is a straightforward one, then you only need to pay a base legal fee with us and nothing else,” it added.

Expedited conveyancing process

In addition to bespoke pricing, AVRillo Conveyancing has made it possible to shorten the conveyancing process. Compared to the traditional process that takes over 20 weeks to complete, its streamlined approach allows it to complete the transfer of ownership in only 10 weeks or even sooner.

One major factor that contributes to the effectiveness of its approach is its legal team, which consists of seasoned conveyancing solicitors. While a general solicitor practices various areas of law, a conveyancing solicitor is a true specialist in property law, which is what you need when making a big investment such as buying a new home.

Award-winning conveyancing firm

On top of expertise, AVRillo Conveyancing has won multiple awards for its successes in the field. For example, it has won multiple Conveyancer Awards from ESTAS and the Modern Law Conveyancing Awards, among many others.

And, probably more important to you as a prospective client, it has maintained an impressive 4.7 average score on Google from over 1,200 reviews, with many reviewers remarking on how the firm rescued them from one of the most exhausting and stressful aspects of the home buying process.

If you want to know what AVRillo Conveyancing can do for you, visit to learn more about its approach.

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