Get Award-Winning Stearns & Foster Mattresses From Top Canadian Bedding Retailer

Nov 30, 2021

Is your mattress giving you back and neck pain? Discover the new line of hybrid mattresses from Canadian manufacturer Stearns & Foster, now available online or in-store from Direct Beds (844-475-3378).

The new selection includes the award-winning Lux Estate Cassat, which provides you with both memory foam and Intellicoil (R) support. Your old mattress will feel like a plank of wood after you’ve tried the very best of Canadian craftsmanship.

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If you really want luxury, you might prefer the Stearns & Foster Reserve Range. All of the company’s popular products are now available at Direct Beds, giving you access to the very latest in sleep systems.

Memory foam and pocketed spring coils are two of the most popular technologies used in mattresses today. The benefits of memory foam include its ability to conform to your body shape in any sleeping position, providing greater comfort and reduced back and neck pain. Individually pocketed coils result in less disturbance of a partner, while also offering improved support.

Most premium mattresses today use one of these two technologies owing to their superior comfort. The newly added line of Stearns & Foster mattresses provides you with the best of both worlds. The Lux Estate Cassatt combines the brand’s Indulge HD Memory Foam with Intellicoil (R) HD. Don’t take our word for it, because the product was the 2020 winner of the Live Better Award from House Beautiful.

The hand-layered Reserve range is also now stocked, including the same hybrid technologies, along with upholstery-grade velvet and embroidery for extra luxury. These top-of-the-line mattresses provide greater durability, as well as the styling and comfort expected of a premium product.

About Direct Bed

Founded in 2013, the family-owned bedding retailer prides itself on supplying premium, Canadian-made products. Direct Bed is what has become known as a ‘click and mortar’ company, meaning that you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping, as well as being able to visit physical stores to view products in person.

One satisfied customer stated: “The service from Direct Bed is outstanding. We needed a mattress for our trailer. The mattress was perfect and was delivered very quickly. I’ve just ordered my second mattress from there and had a slight issue with the shipping address. They answered my email and fixed the issue right away. Direct Bed truly knows the meaning of customer service.”

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