Get An XCEED Pro Offline Stainless Steel Crypto Recovery Plate To Protect Assets

Nov 23, 2022

If you’re looking for a competitively-priced recovery plate to store your crypto seed phrase, head on over to The Crypto Merchant for the best deals from leading brands like SecuX and Cryptotag.

Get An XCEED Pro Offline Stainless Steel Crypto Recovery Plate To Protect Assets

Are your cryptocurrency assets hack-proof? How safe is your recovery seed phrase? For a robust recovery plate that keeps your keys and codes protected from cybercriminals and at a price that won't break the bank, check out the SecuX XSEED Pro at The Crypto Merchant!

The Crypto Merchant has just launched an updated range of digital currency security solutions from leading brands via its web store. Browse the range now and protect your profits!

The SecuX XSEED Pro has just been added to the company's inventory of recovery seed backup tools and hardware wallets for cryptocurrency traders and investors. The company curates a large selection of cutting-edge DeFi technology from developers and manufacturers across the globe.

For the ultimate in robust recovery plates for crypto capitalists, The Crypto Merchant has everything you need! More details at

The SecuX recovery seed storage system offers you an effective and virtually indestructible alternative to storing seed phrases online which can leave you vulnerable to hacking. If you order from The Crypto Merchant before 11 pm, your package will be shipped on the same day. You'll also benefit from the company's dedicated support service and get advice on all products.

According to The Crypto Merchant website, recovery seeds act as a vital layer of protection for cryptocurrency assets. They are used to regain access to assets when a hardware wallet is reset, lost, stolen, or damaged. The words used in a recovery seed phrase are derived from a standardized list known as BIP39 and offer an entirely offline, and thus more secure, way to keep your private keys and phrases safe.

The XSEED Pro is made from 6mm-thick stainless steel and has a compact and streamlined design that is easily stored in your wallet or purse. The product is waterproof, fire-resistant, and corrosion-proof, offering a robust and durable seed storage solution. The device resists bending and warping and can withstand high-pressure impact.

The SecuX plate ships with an aluminum seed backup, a stainless steel storage case, an engraver pen, and tamper-proof stickers. Despite its indestructible design, The Crypto Merchant still recommends that you store the XSEED in a safe and secure location.

You'll also benefit from the XSEED's compatibility with hardware wallets by Trezor and Ledger. The store also stocks other recovery seed devices from brands like Cryptotag and Billfodl. While you're there, browse the company's extensive accessory collection which features robust waterproof wallet cases and glass fiber antennae.

A spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant says, “Founded in 2017 by New York City-based early crypto adopters, coders, miners, and investors, our company was built to help you stay informed and secure while investing in this exciting new asset class.”

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Don't wait till it's too late, get a crypto recovery plate! Buy your XSEED Pro at The Crypto Merchant today.

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