Get Amazon Saliva & Urine pH Test Strips With Color Chart For Accurate Results

Jun 19, 2024

Monitor your body’s acidity or alkalinity levels from the comfort of your home. Get Just Fitter’s super accurate saliva and urine pH test strips on its Amazon page.

Our bodies thrive in a Goldilocks zone of pH. Not too acidic, not too alkaline, just right. By keeping this delicate balance in check, you can prevent things from getting out of whack.

A good way to do this is using the saliva and urine pH test strips from Just Fitter. This gives you an easy way to monitor your body's pH balance, a key factor in overall health and well-being.

Each test kit is good for 125 tests and comes with a color test chart for easy reference and detailed instructions written by the company’s founder, Michael Fullick.

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pH monitoring made simple

With the saliva and urine pH test strips, you can quickly and easily test your saliva or urine pH levels in the privacy of your home. In particular, you can monitor your body's acidity levels for potential health risks like kidney issues, UTIs, or dietary imbalances.

Just Fitter recommends that you take three pH tests at different times of the day for more accurate results. 

To test your saliva or urine pH levels, you can dip the strip for 15 seconds into a spoon containing some saliva or dip it into your urine sample. The pH scale is measured in 0.25 increments, ranging from 4.5 to 9.0, for maximum accuracy. You can use the two-color pad readings from the test to determine your pH levels. 

A quick dip and a color check, and you've got a snapshot of your body's acid-base balance. That's all there is to Just Fitter’s saliva and urine pH test strips!

The readings are interpreted as follows: scores below 6.9 are acidic, 7.0 is neutral, and scores above 7.1 are alkaline.

Pro tip: by sealing the bottle after each use and storing it in a dry place, you can preserve the product’s accuracy. It is also important to keep your test kit away from heat and light sources. 

What customers are saying

“I bought these to check my pH level after experiencing what I believe were mild gout attacks. On the first test day, I landed right in the very acidic range. After a few weeks, my pH has been more consistently balanced as I adjust my diet. I do feel better, and I am sleeping better at night.”

A trusted wellness store

Just Fitter is an international health and fitness product retailer that offers running belts, waist trimmers, and other fitness-related accessories. Under the guidance of its founder, Michael Fullick, the retailer has received over 11,000 positive reviews for its pH test strips on its Amazon page.

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