Get Adult Braces & Invisalign From This Orthodontic Clinic In Federal Way, WA

Jul 23, 2022

Do you want straighter teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort of old-fashioned train-track braces? Sean Liu Orthodontics (253-838-0765) in Federal Way, WA can custom-fit your teeth with new-and-improved braces or with removable clear aligners!

Get Adult Braces & Invisalign From This Orthodontic Clinic In Federal Way, WA

It’s never too late to get the smile you want – get discrete and comfortable clear aligners that gently straighten your teeth from Sean Liu Orthodontics in Federal Way, WA today!

Alongside traditional braces, the orthodontic practice can offer you Invisalign or SureSmile no matter your age.

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The Sean Liu Orthodontics team can offer you the latest teeth straightening treatments, whether you need traditional braces or clear aligners. As well as preventing crevices in which plaque and tartar can collect, optimal teeth and jaw alignment can improve your speech and facial symmetry.

Recent advances in orthodontic technology mean that braces are more comfortable and flexible for children’s teeth than ever before and can actually move their teeth faster. Dr. Liu will routinely assess and reposition wires to create a straight smile in as little as six months.

While traditional braces are suitable for all ages, you may want to opt for clear aligners as they are more discrete and do not cause eating restrictions.

Moreover, clear aligners offer a lower risk of cavities as you can simply remove them to brush and floss your teeth. Drs. Liu is a certified Invisalign and SureSmile treatment provider. At the clinic, they can digitally scan your teeth using 3D intra-oral technology to create a customized aligner.

About Sean Liu Orthodontics

Dr. Liu obtained his PhD from Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX in 2008, before being appointed a professorship at Indiana University School of Dentistry. After being tenured in 2015, he was certified by the ABO (American Board of Orthodontists).

Inspired by his life-long passion for orthodontics, he currently teaches at the University of Washington School of Dentistry as an affiliate faculty member. Since 1974, his orthodontic clinic has been serving people in Fife, Lakeland, Auburn, Northeast Tacoma, and Kent neighborhoods, in addition to patients in Browns Point, Milton, Edgewood, Pacific, and Algona.

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A satisfied Sean Liu Orthodontics patient said, “I went to see Dr. Liu for aligners based off a referral from my dentist. I was so pleased with Dr. Liu and his professional, caring demeanor along with all of his staff. I am thrilled with the outcome of my teeth and think it is one the best things I have done for myself.”

As Jimmy Durante famously sang, “Smile, what’s the use of cryin’ – you’ll find that life is still worth while if you just smile!” And with Sean Liu Orthodontics you can have a smile that will light up the room – call 1-253-838-0765 to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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