Get Adjustable Shooting Stalls With These Custom Designed US Gun Firing Ranges

May 27, 2021

Spire Ranges based in Springville, UT are designing and building personalized shooting ranges for clients across the United States. Military, Law Enforcement, Commercial and private ranges can be built to any customer’s particular specification.

Indulge yourself with a state-of-the-art shooting range that incorporates the latest technology built to your personal specification either indoors or outdoors.

Spire Ranges, a target shooting range company based in Springville, UT has launched a custom shooting range design and build service for customers across the whole of the United States. Individuals and businesses can set their own specifications and have a gun range built to order.

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The custom design service is intended to satisfy the demand for ranges to be created where space is limited, perhaps in a home or even a basement. Technological advances have made this a viable option for you when combined with careful design.

You can use your imagination to create a customizable, high-quality, and safe private range that employs leading-edge technology. The technology will allow you instant communication with the range and can provide an interactive experience for you that includes executing a variety of different training routines.

Custom-designed shooting ranges can be built indoors or outdoors for private individuals, the military, law enforcement, and commercial operations. Your range will have the technology built into it to incorporate shooting stalls, target retrievers, electric target turners, runners and both steel traps and rubber traps for safe operation.

A variety of different containment options are available for you including bullet traps, baffles, and wall treatments that ensure all rounds that are fired are contained within the range. The shooting stalls are customizable for adults or those in wheelchairs and have options available such as noise abatement and stall extensions to minimize muzzle blast at the firing line.

The touch screen controls are intuitive and user-friendly despite incorporating multiple target systems and even a remote control function that allows you to exercise control from the firing line.

In many areas of the continental United States, inclement weather can make an indoor range preferable to an outdoor range.

Though often located in basements and underbuilds of larger buildings, indoor firing ranges are mostly built as standalone constructions since this makes it easier to achieve ballistic protection. It also makes it simpler to incorporate other effective safety controls, as well as good ventilation, acoustic control, and suitable lighting.

Further details on how to create your indoor shooting range at home are at

Call Spire Ranges on 1-800-761-1231 if you want a cutting-edge, high-tech shooting range built to your particular specifications in a location of your choice, whether it be outdoors or an unused basement.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We always stand by our promises and our customers. Our products aren’t just backed by a warranty but also by our reputation and we don’t just say the right things but also do exactly what we promise.”

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