Get A Thorough Check-Up From This Affordable Sharpstown Houston TX Dentist

Nov 21, 2020

Looking for a dental check-up at an affordable price? Located in the Sharpstown area of Houston, Texas, Dentist 101 has launched its dental check-up service for adults and children. The clinic offers affordable prices and accepts Medicaid and PPO.

Looking for a dental check-up at an affordable price? If you answered 'yes', then this dental clinic is for you!

Dentist 101 has launched its dental check-up service in the Sharpstown region of Houston, Texas. The clinic provides check-ups for both adults and children and accepts Medicaid and PPO.

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The newly launched service provides you with a thorough dental check-up and cleaning. Before beginning the dental cleaning, the clinic’s experienced dentists will conduct a thorough examination. A check will be conducted for cavities, plaque, and tartar on teeth. This process ensures both your teeth and gums are healthy.

A thorough check-up is crucial for maintaining oral health. Plaque is a clear, sticky layer of bacteria and if it is not removed, plaque can harden and become tartar. Tartar cannot be removed at home with brushing and flossing. If plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, they can cause oral diseases.

Dentist 101 will also check your gums. This involves examining the depth of the spaces between your teeth and gums. With healthy gums, the spaces are shallow. When you have gum disease, the spaces may become deeper.

After a thorough check-up, a dental cleaning wil then be conducted. Brushing and flossing help clean the plaque from your teeth, but tartar cannot be removed at home with a toothbrush. During the cleaning, a dental professional will carry out scaling. This is an important process where the use of special dental tools is required to remove tartar.

Upon the completion of scaling, your teeth are then polished. This process uses a gritty paste that helps remove any surface stains on the teeth. Read more about Dentist 101’s dental check-up service here

Dentist 101 provides a comfortable environment for both children and adults to do a dental check-up. In addition to serving Sharpstown, Dentist 101 serves the areas of Chinatown, Westchase, Briar Forest, Bellaire, Alief, Mid West, and Braeburn.

As a service to you, the dental practice accepts most dental insurance programs, including non-managed care, indemnity, and PPO out-of-network. Its PPO dentist is not part of any managed care network. Dentist 101’s accounting staff will prepare all the necessary forms for PPO dental benefits.

You can get more information about Dentist 101 by going to or by calling 713-773-1300.

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