Get A Superior Custom Steel Building From This One-Stop Shop & Keep Costs Down

Jun 12, 2024

If it’s a custom steel building you’re in the market for, partner with the best: Reich Construction LLC (301-550-0540). This is where you’ll find end-to-end services from a team of in-house experts who keep costs down and quality at its highest.

While a prefab steel building has a ton of advantages over buildings made in the traditional way, most people don't realize there are still design, permitting, and budgeting processes plus detailed government paperwork involved. 

Keep your project on time and get the fast and efficient approvals you need when you partner with Reich Construction LLC, a full-service preferred Butler Builder with over 40 years of experience. Learn more and book a consult today at


Sure Reich Construction LLC is a preferred Butler Builder, and yes, they have comparatively more experience than most others in the industry. They're even owned by a practicing architect with years of experience in traditional and prefab steel buildings, but it is their capacity as a one-stop shop that truly distinguishes their position within the market.

By offering comprehensive in-house expertise in design, engineering, budgeting, permitting and construction, Reich Construction LLC helps you keep your costs to a minimum without compromising on quality. Designing and constructing durable, weather-resistant custom steel buildings is their passion while keeping your project on time and on budget is their defining proposition.


As economic pressures rise, more consumers and companies are turning to prefabricated steel buildings for cost-effective solutions. Reich Construction LLC has become a leading manufacturer of custom steel buildings for their ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

While most companies in the prefab building space can give you advice on necessary components and can have your building’s components delivered to your site, many are unable to provide valuable permitting services that can make the difference between efficient timelines and months of delays, and most are unable to provide budgeting expertise, architectural guidance, engineering expertise, or specialized building crews.

Reich Construction LLC does. it all, so you don't have to.

Founding CEO and architect Bruno Reich explains:

“We bring over 40 years of experience to the table and building crews who have seen it all and know how to navigate any work site challenge. Our in-house experts keep costs to a minimum for a streamlined process and a structure of the highest quality and durability.”


Known for its weather resistance, pest resistance, versatility, and recyclability, steel is an inherently cost-effective building material compared to traditional alternatives like concrete or wood. It is also comparatively lightweight and therefore does not require as thick a foundation, saving on costs and setting time. And since custom, prefabricated steel buildings arrive in pre-cut pieces, construction times are also faster.

When you partner with Reich Construction LLC for your project, your building will be planned by a team of engineers with a background in structural design, budgeted for by a team that uses the latest estimating systems for accurate costing, and will be erected by a construction crew trained in today's best practices and process. You benefit from skilled efficiencies across the board, so all you really need to do is marvel at the proficiency of this well-oiled machine.


Don't settle for anything less than the valuable peace of mind you get when you partner with excellence.

Choose the one-stop shop where designing, manufacturing and erecting custom steel buildings offers you the consistency and cost-efficiencies you need from drafting table to completion. With Reich Construction LLC by your side, it's easy to meet both your structural and financial goals.

Your building deserves the industry's best. Partner with Reich Construction LLC for stellar steel success. Learn more at

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