Get A Restorative Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial At World-Class Seattle Luxury Spa

Dec 10, 2022

The healing and anti-aging power of Gua Sha is now even easier for you to access thanks to Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s (206-438-1750) nourishing signature facials and walk-in sessions.

Get A Restorative Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial At World-Class Seattle Luxury Spa

If you haven’t gotten a Gua Sha facial yet, Penelope and the Beauty Bar wants to know: what are you waiting for? Enjoy the trend that has taken the beauty world by storm and see and feel the difference.

The spa’s facial, called the Gua Sha Signature Facial, transforms the ancient Chinese healing tool into a restorative facial treatment designed specifically for women in their late twenties and thirties like you, who are looking to combat the early signs of aging. Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s experienced beauticians have been highly trained in the art of Gua Sha and believe wholeheartedly in its ability to improve the health and vitality of your skin. Now, they are especially proud to be welcoming your walk-in visit for this luxury treatment.

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Gua Sha facials are enjoying a meteoric rise in the US beauty scene following its burst in popularity amongst beauty bloggers and vloggers. As the esteemed medical institute Cleveland Clinic also recently attested, Gua Sha has several tangible health benefits, and when it comes to your face, it relieves tension and reduces puffiness and inflammation.

Most beauty sources also agree that it helps to promote lymphatic drainage, therefore naturally detoxifying your skin and body, encourages the production of collagen, and softens your fine lines and wrinkles. However, such benefits can generally only be obtained by an expert, with most beauty bloggers cautioning that excessive pressure or incorrect use of a Gua Sha tool can damage the fine and delicate skin of your face.

As such, Penelope and the Beauty Bar recommends that, if you are a newcomer to the world of Gua Sha, you start with their Gua Sha Signature Facial. This expert treatment will focus on lifting and plumping your skin and on common early signs of aging you may have, including fine forehead lines, frown lines, vertical lip lines, crow’s feet, and brow and eyelid droop.

The spa’s Gua Sha facials are also a restorative and relaxing experience that promotes your overall wellbeing and vitality. As such, in complement to the use of this ancient healing art, the clinic also uses top-branded anti-aging and nourishing products with raw active ingredients from international brands like Biologique Recherche, MBR and Forlle’d.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is located inside the historic Fairmont Olympic Hotel in the center of Downtown Seattle. You are now welcome for walk-in appointments any day of the week, for both their Gua Sha facials and their array of other face and body treatments.

A spokesperson for the beauty bar said, “Enhance the look of your skin, encourage rejuvenation and reduce the appearance of fine lines using advanced and ancient Chinese therapies specifically targeted towards signs of early aging. Our Gua Sha massages will gently relax your stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage, while plumping and lifting. This treatment will leave you looking and feeling refreshed and radiant.”

Incredible restorative beauty is now easier to access than ever with Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s new walk-in service!

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