Get A Pop-Up Restaurant In Los Angeles By Modifying A Storage Container

Jul 2, 2024

Did you know you can change a standard metal storage container into almost anything? Conexwest, a leading provider of shipping and storage containers in Los Angeles (855-878-5233), offers expert modification services limited only by your imagination.

Ever thought of launching a cool new business, like an indoor/outdoor seaside bistro or a pop-up fashion store? With help from Conexwest, your creative ideas can become a reality without your having to invest in real estate construction or long-term leasing. By modifying a storage container, you can achieve a stylish, functional space and begin your entrepreneurial journey with everyone talking about your incredible ingenuity.

Learn about the vast array of storage containers Conexwest carries and their high-tech modification services too, at


A one-stop shop based in Fontana CA, Conexwest is your go-to destination for the nation’s largest selection of new, used, and refurbished shipping and storage containers. Their modification options complement standard insulation, flooring, and ceiling additions to include windows, HVAC, electrical power, specialty doors, customized paint and so much more.

Rooted in the latest technologies and inspired by new trends across a variety of sectors, storage container modifications offered by the highly skilled technicians and craftsmen at Conexwest ensure you create an eco-friendly business, on-site office, or addition to your backyard area that does not compromise on quality.

“We offer top-quality storage and shipping container sales, rental, and modification services across an inventory of 10ft - 45ft units and specialty containers,” says a spokesperson for Conexwest. “We staff full-time, highly skilled technicians and craftsmen who receive continual training on industry advancements to offer smart and insightful solutions to our customers.”


From construction site offices to branded tradeshow booths, residential backyard bars with infinity pool features, greenhouses, and even seaside restaurants, Conexwest redesigns storage containers for a myriad of uses. With a secure chain of custody, the company ensures your modification project is completed promptly and correctly.

Their new "one-trip” containers, shipped from Asia with a single container load, are perfect if appearance and longevity are your top priorities. Their “used” cargo-worthy, leak-proof and weather-proof shipping containers are certified for global transport, as are their “refurbished” containers which are detailed to remove rust and to add new primer and paint.


On-demand unit delivery services bring your storage container to your desired site, with emergency transportation services also available. In addition to storage and shipping container sales, rental, and fabrication, Conexwest offers structural engineer services, depot services, and unit repairs.

Using a vertically integrated business model, Conexwest helps keep your costs down and company-certified quality high. Their partners include Google, Uber, nest, CAL FIRE and the US Navy. When you partner with Conexwest, you are in good company.

With modification services limited only by your imagination, Conexwest is here to help you achieve your residential or commercial goals thanks to a durable, secure, surprisingly stylish storage container. Whether you're looking to create a unique living space or a functional commercial area that will get you noticed, Conexwest has you covered.

Ready to transform your storage container? Learn more about Conexwest and view their gallery of projects at

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