Get A Photo Of Your Chakras With This Yardley PA Aura Photography Studio

Apr 14, 2024

Looking for an aura reading in Yardley, PA? Ura Color, a metaphysical wellness and energy healing center, offers aura photography services with a detailed interpretation and a chakra report.

Have you ever wondered what color your aura is? A photograph of the distinctive invisible energy field surrounding your body can provide insights into aspects of your spiritual, emotional, and physical life.

Ura Color, a healing center for metaphysical wellness based in Levittown, PA, launched updated aura photography services for clients in Yardley, Tullytown, Morrisville, Newtown, Bristol, Richboro, and the surrounding areas.

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The aura photographers at Ura Color will utilize special equipment to capture the tiny electromagnetic frequencies radiating from your body, record them in the form of color, and then reveal to you in a print photo or analysis.

An aura photo takes a few seconds to make. Your hands rest on special sensors that measure the electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points that correspond to energy channels in the body.

The photo session includes a review of your aura in real time, as well as a print-out portrait, a detailed description of your aura, and a chakra report. The colors of the aura in the photograph can help you discover more about your personality aspects, moods, emotions, and chakra activity.

Ura Color also offers to make an aura photo with a 15-minute reading session for your pet.

Another service the center offers is an aura photo session for parties. The center’s photographer provides a 30-minute aura reading session for each guest and gives them a print-out portrait of their aura along with an emailed description of their reading. A minimum of 6 guests is required.

Ura Color is a healing center for metaphysical wellness. Other services offered by the center include Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal and Sound Healing. The center’s practitioners also offer Distant Reiki services.

“Many people think about "wellness" in the terms of physical health only,” said a company representative. “Wellness, however, is much more than physical health. It is a full integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Balance of this trinity can help prevent illness from manifesting.”

Treat yourself to a unique spiritual self-discovery experience and a beautiful colorful portrait of your energy field with Ura Color's aura photography services!

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