Get A Luxurious 2-Bedroom Apartment In Ljubljana’s Premier Residential Complex

Nov 18, 2023

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is one of Europe’s most thriving cities. Thanks to ABC Real Estate (+386 1 3 000 000), you can purchase stunning 2 to 6-room apartments in the prestigious Schellenburg residential building.

According to a 2023 report by CNBC, the median price of a luxury apartment in New York City is $1.96 million. For approximately 1/4 of this price, you can have a world-class living experience by buying the € 593,287 2-room Ljubljana apartment offered through ABC Real Estate! Freshly built in 2023 and located in Slovenia's most luxurious multi-apartment building, the space is already attracting great interest from many foreigners.

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World-Class Amenities, Inside & Out

The brokerage highlights many of the property’s impressive features. At Schellenburg, every apartment is carefully designed to ensure the pinnacle of comfort. Top-quality materials and advanced technology amplify the beauty and functionality of spacious living rooms, luxurious bedrooms, and elegant bathrooms. And let's not forget the breathtaking views that promise to be a feast for your eyes every morning.

Imagine starting a new chapter of your life in this stunning setting. This dream can soon become a reality with apartments expected to be ready for occupancy early next year. But with such a unique offering on the table, it would be wise not to delay seizing this opportunity.

Limited units of 2 to 6-bedroom apartments, with sizes ranging from 62 to 345 m², allow you to build a world as vast or as intimate as your dreams demand.

Your new home is not just about four walls and a door – it's about discovering a world within a world, living in elegance and luxury, and exploring life beyond the ordinary. So enter the world of Schellenburg – where a prestigious lifestyle awaits you, one that’s carefully curated and thoughtfully selected.

In conclusion, choosing the Schellenburg complex that houses new apartments is not merely about selecting a place to live, but about making a statement of taste and style. Here, you are not simply buying property, you are investing in a lifestyle that is a testament to your discerning palate and an embodiment of your aspirations.

  • Experience the blend of luxury and elegance with 2 to 6-bedroom apartments in Schellenburg.
  • Seize the opportunity now! The doors of Schellenburg open for occupancy early next year.
  • No costs or commissions on purchases – because at ABC Real Estate, they believe in delivering pure value!

The purchasing price for the 2 to 6-bedroom apartments includes the 9.5% value-added tax, meaning you will not be surprised by a fee in the tens of thousands after acquiring the space.

A Booming City With Everything You Need

According to InterNations, which has assessed 420 cities across the globe, Slovenia has the 12th best public education system in the world. The same report states that Ljubljana is home to more than 1,000 cultural events annually and a booming youth culture revolving around the city’s art scene, clubs, and professional sports teams. These features are projected to make the listing especially attractive, especially if you are a young family seeking to live in a thriving locale.

About ABC Real Estate

Since launching in 1996, ABC Real Estate has become a leading luxury property purchasing and rental agency in both Slovenia and Croatia. The company has earned membership in several prestigious organizations like the Independent Broker Network and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Business information company Bisnode has awarded ABC Real Estate its gold AAA credit rating of excellence, making the agency one of the less than 1% of companies across Slovenia to have earned this ranking.

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