Get A Free Trial Of All The Latest Hearing Aid Technology With This Canberra Clinic Service

Feb 10, 2017

Get free trials of all the latest hearing aid technology by booking and attending a hearing test at the HK Hearing Solutions Canberra Clinic, which prides itself on its high levels of customer service.

  • get a free trial of all the latest hearing aid technology with this canberra cli
  • get a free trial of all the latest hearing aid technology with this canberra cli

Helen King, of Helen King Hearing Solutions, has launched a new service where she allows patients at her clinic to trial the latest digital hearing aids to see how they can work for them. HK Hearing Solutions is an expert Canberra Hearing Clinic and audiologist helping people to receive the treatment they need from someone who is dedicated to caring for their patients on every level.

More information can be found at:

The site explains that when patients deal with Helen King, they don't just get the most technically competent hearing professional in Canberra; they also get to benefit from her high levels of customer service and care.

A full range of services is listed on the company website, and includes assistive listening, styles of hearing aids, free hearing aid trial and hearing aid repair.

The latest assistive learning technology is lightweight, highly effective and discreet. Patients can come into the clinic to find the right solution for them and their specific needs, and the staff can help to ensure the right fit is found.

In addition to this, Helen King Hearing Solutions sells and repairs a wide range of hearing aids. It offers five different styles, so that each patient is more likely to find one to their liking, and depending on need and budget there can be something for everyone.

Anyone who books and attends a hearing test at the clinic in Canberra can benefit from a free trial in the latest hearing aid technology. This service has been launched to help ensure that everyone can have easy access to the right technology for them.

Because everyone is different, it's important to be able to see and feel products, and to test them out for each patients' unique needs. HK Hearing Solutions also offers emergency hearing aid repair in Canberra, so that no matter what kind of hearing problem is suffered, there is someone to help 24 hours per day.

Full details can be found by visiting the clinic website above, and interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided.

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