Get A Custom Fully Stuffed Pet Photo Pillow Gift In Soft, Huggable Velvet Fabric

Jan 26, 2023

Pilloo has soft and snuggly pet photo pillows and matching plush photo key chains that will make the perfect Thanksgiving gift for any pet or animal lover.

Get A Custom Fully Stuffed Pet Photo Pillow Gift In Soft, Huggable Velvet Fabric

This Thanksgiving, Pilloo believes it’s time we properly give thanks to our favorite friends, our pets, with their super huggable pet pillows.

Their custom pet photo pillows are made from a soft, luxurious velvet fabric and are fully stuffed, making them the perfect huggable memory. If you are looking for a gift for the pet lovers in your life, Pilloo is now also offering you a matching plush key chain which is made in the shape of the same photo.

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With American Thanksgiving quickly approaching on the 24th of November, Pilloo believes this is a perfect time to give a truly special gift to the loved ones in your life. They also believe that when most people think of the things they are thankful for in their life, pets often come at the top of the list.

As such, if you are thankful for your beloved cat or dog, or other furry, scaly or feathery friend, their customizable pet photo pillows and matching plush key chains are a unique way to celebrate and commemorate them this Thanksgiving.

The store’s customizable pillows allow animal lovers and gift givers like yourself to have a plush throw pillow rendered with a high-quality digital image of your beloved pet. Pilloo’s website also has a clear and simple upload and order process which allows you to upload your favorite pet photo, select your preferred pillow size—from a small or 16-inch pillow to a 60-inch or life-size pillow—and see a mock-up online.

Because Pilloo makes all of their pillows in their Montreal factory in Canada, they customize the shape and style of each pillow to suit the photo that you have chosen.

As an added bonus for the Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday season, you can also choose to add on a matching small stuffed key chain printed with the same double-sided image.

Pilloo has been making custom pillows since 1999 and is currently the largest name in handmade pillows in North America. They pride themselves on their high-quality materials, huggable finish and customer satisfaction rates.

One happy recent customer said, “My pet pillows look so real and the fabric is so nice. I purchased mine for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts, so I can’t say yet how much the people will like it, but I loved it. Great job! Pilloo has fast delivery too. Thank you, I will recommend to others to get one.​”

Pilloo knows that Thanksgiving and Christmas are special holidays that encourage us to think about all that is great in our lives. This year, they want you to celebrate these holidays by celebrating the pets that make your life fun and full of love.

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