Get A Charming Rhyming Children’s Book Celebrating Friendship and Individuality

Nov 20, 2020

Looking for a wildlife-themed children’s book to gift this holiday season? Back the Kickstarter campaign for Liam the Loon to get a story that celebrates creativity, friendship, and individuality, all set in the Maine wilderness.

Looking for the perfect holiday book to gift your young reader? Back the Liam the Loom Kickstarter campaign today to get a rhyming, wildlife-filled children’s book that celebrates friendship and individuality.

Previous Mainer and current MA-based author and illustrator Ryan Holbrook has announced the launch of his book Liam the Loon. The Kickstarter campaign for the book is currently running and offers supporters the chance to receive signed copies of the books along with illustrations.

More information is available at

The just-launched Kickstarter is for a new children’s book project about nature, friendship, and music that is written to be engaging for both parents and their children. The story focuses on forest creatures becoming friends and making music, including a loon, beaver, bullfrog, and an owl.

The book Liam the Loon is also aimed at being an educational story about creativity, individuality, and overcoming life’s obstacles. With the quiet pond and natural setting, author Ryan Holbrook intends to help children engage with the outdoors, learn about the importance of preservation, and embrace their own unique personalities.

Backers of the now-available Kickstarter campaign can pledge to support different levels of rewards. Many of those center around the book itself, which is an 8”x10” hardcover book of about 700 words intended for ages 3-8 that features colorful hand-painted watercolor illustrations and animal facts.

Additional pledges for the Liam the Loon Kickstarter campaign include signed Liam the Loon illustrations, unsigned copies of the book, signed copies of the books and illustrations, and packages of multiple books.

If you’re wondering where the inspiration for this story comes from, Liam the Loon takes details from the author’s childhood by being set in the Maine wilderness. The story is inspired by wildlife found in the region and a conversation with the author's wildlife enthusiast close friend, Captain Todd. It's designed to be of interest to local residents (or those in similar wildlife habitats), as well as parents who would like to teach their children about that specific environment, the interesting creatures that live among them, and awareness about conservation.

You can find contact details for the author, including the original ideas for the book itself, can be found at 

To get a perfect nature and wildlife-filled children’s book for your family, back the Liam the Loon Kickstarter campaign today.

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