Get 24/7 Plumbing Repairs In Saskatoon With The Best Commercial Plumber

Feb 1, 2023

If you hadn’t heard that the world was getting warmer, you’d never know. All the more reason to lock down your preventative maintenance plans – because once your pipes freeze, a lot of things can go wrong! Call Pro Service Mechanical (306-230-2442) today!

Get 24/7 Plumbing Repairs In Saskatoon With The Best Commercial Plumber

Cheer up, buttercup. With just a little care and attention, you'll be reliably warm and dry in winter, cool and dry in summer!

This A+ BBB-rated company offers you a comprehensive range of residential and commercial plumbing services that include drain cleaning, tankless water heater services, and bathroom remodelling. The company will also advise you if you want to upgrade or overhaul your plumbing systems in favour of more energy-efficient alternatives.

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Pro Service Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs and installations for burst pipes and other time-sensitive fixes. Additionally, the company’s certified technicians make sure to install complicated equipment and new piping accurately and precisely - guaranteeing long-term reliability.

This winter, plumbers in the Saskatoon area are seeing a spike in service calls as pipes freeze and heating systems stop working. When the temperature drops too low, a lot of different things might go wrong in a house - if water lines are installed incorrectly or some of the insulation in older homes fails, water lines can freeze, for example. Moreover, when furnaces break down, pipes also are more likely to freeze - compounding the problem.

Pro Service Mechanical, a local and family-operated business, advises you to consider the benefits of tankless water heaters. They have proven to be more cost-effective than conventional water heaters as they only heat water when necessary and so lower your energy bills. With a traditional hot water heater, a household’s entire supply of hot water is stored in the tank - when the water runs out, it can take a while to heat more water. Moreover, tankless water heaters cover less space - freeing room for other furniture or storage options.

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Common household nuisances include clogged toilets, water leaks, and - most seriously - gas leaks. Most jobs can be handled with straightforward repair services, though older homes may benefit from new piping or a video camera-enabled sewer line inspection.

While water damage can lead to mould, rust and hazardous pollutants, gas leaks - which will result in an array of health problems - are especially insidious and need to be detected early. Pro Service Mechanical will detect any problems and implement lasting repairs.

One customer commented: "Out of all the quotes we got to replace our furnace and install a tankless water heater, we went with these guys. I've never seen water and gas lines installed so neatly before. All in all, very happy with the products and the service received from Pro Service Mechanical and their staff. We didn't have a go-to company for this type of work before, but we certainly do now."

Not only does the city boast the most poetic name in Canada - with two songs named after it! - but it's also got one of the most reliable, professional, and friendly HVAC companies in the whole country!

You can call 306-230-2442 or poke around at and see for yourself the full range of services the company has to offer.

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