Generate Optimized Blog Posts Automatically For WordPress With Wordform AI

Mar 28, 2024

With Wordform AI by Brandon Hays, you can enjoy a much faster and more effective content marketing process powered by the latest AI technology!

If you're trying to grow your business and you've heard about the magic of content marketing, you don't want to miss out on this unique opportunity from Brandon Hays. It's called Wordform AI, and it's an innovative new content creation tool that supercharges your output, connects you with more customers, and improves conversion!

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Proven results to get more leads

Brandon explains that all content generated through Wordform AI follows a proven framework that has demonstrated high engagement and visibility across multiple campaigns, so each blog post published connects you to qualified leads in your field.

According to a recent study by SEOwind, blog content remains a key component of successful digital marketing strategies, trailing video by just 1% as the most effective content format for businesses - underscoring the significance of consistently producing high-quality, engaging posts.

No experience is needed to get started

Wordform AI allows you to generate compelling articles by leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, regardless of your experience.

Brandon Hays notes that one of the key strengths of the app lies in its ability to optimize content for search engine visibility. Each article is created with strategic keyword placement and an easy-to-scan structure, enhancing its discoverability and performance across various industries, and ensuring that you can effectively reach your target audience.

Automatic lead capture made easy

It also has an integrated call-to-action feature, providing you with over 35 pre-built CTAs to choose from. This enables you to easily promote your products or services within the blog itself, driving conversions or allowing you to grow your email list.

Brandon has a wealth of expertise in traffic generation and a keen understanding of cutting-edge AI technology for marketing and business growth. He is committed to helping you grow through the use of advanced tools that streamline your digital marketing efforts.

He states: “We’ve decided we weren’t just going to cash grab like most AI companies with a run-of-the-mill tool. We wanted to push the boundaries of the AI technology that’s currently available. Now our customers can succeed with a content marketing strategy that is faster and easier than ever before.”

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