Future situations of online web stores

Aug 4, 2021


The Situation and Future of Online Web StoresToday, we can say that 8 billion people live on earth. More than a quarter of that, so 2+ billion people bought something online in 2020. In Hungary, 5.4 million people buy from less than 10 million - which is 91% of adult Hungarian internet users. Quantitatively, this amounted to HUF 625 billion in 2019. Related to this, the most astonishing statistic:

more than ⅓ of Hungarys total turnover is accounted for by the top 10 online stores. This is a huge dominance. It’s worth turning them to our own advantage and analyzing them to:

It can be said that online stores and the whole e-commerce is growing - and it will still be for a very long time.

It is not in vain that we treat it outstandingly, you can browse among hundreds of thousands of products on Alkupiac.hu.

But which industry is most in demand:

The most sought-after products and product categories If we want to strictly examine the top 10, the following categories run best:

• Traditional, all-selling webshops

• Technical webshops

• Book store

• Grocery store However

it is worth categorizing the most sought after based on Alkupiac.hu searches product categories:

• Electronics

• Cars, motorcycles

• Toys

• Clothing

• Home

• Machinery, tools

• Fishing

• Sports

• Books

• Jewellery

• Garden

• Technology

• agriculture

• music

• films

• jobs

• apartments

• beauty, health

It is not in vain that most online shopping sites fall into these categories. On Alkupiac.hu, customers can search in 18 categories.

The costumers who only want browsing can search in abundance of the products and to make it easier they can use the very fast „quick search” menu and continues the shopping mechanizm. In case of buying necessary to register themselves and after the costumer can make contact directly with the seller. The page provides to sell goods, products, or services, too.

First of all the main function of the website to give opportunity for (companies, webshops, private) buy and sell goods and services or just looking around or browse something directly. The ads are constantly updated.


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