Funeral and Cremation Services Provided in East Flatbush, NY

Dec 24, 2016

Please visit to learn of the excellent funeral, burial and cremation services provided by Frank J. Barone Funeral Home.

Frank J. Barone Funeral Home has served the East Flatbush, New York area since 2006. The funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home offer the best in a variety of end-of-life services including funerals, burials, cremations, pre-arrangement services and domestic and international mortuary shipping. For immediate help, please contact them to discuss any questions and needs. Frank J. Barone Funeral Home is staffed by respectful funeral professionals that are experienced in the industry and can tend to a family’s every requirement. For more information, please visit

A funeral provides the means of beginning the healing process for mourners and gives them a healthy way to express their grief collectively. The funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home provide for traditional funerals, memorial services and celebrations of life. Please contact one of their licensed funeral directors to discuss ways to make the funeral or memorial gathering for a deceased individual a fitting and memorable event that commemorates the life of the loved one and gives those he or she left behind the opportunity to offer their condolences and provide one another the support needed during this difficult time.

There are several decisions to be made when a person decides to bury a loved one. Two of these choices are selecting the cemetery and burial plot. One also needs to pick a casket and often a burial vault. The family must arrange for a headstone or marker and for having it inscribed. The staff at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home can assist people in making these important decisions. They have a wide selection of coffins to choose from. Please review their Matthews Casket Selections and Matthews Casket Lithography Booklet to see the many choices available.

Families can choose to have a simple burial where a funeral director at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home manages the interment. The staff offers the option of arranging a basic graveside service officiated by a clergy member of the family’s choosing. Many choose a traditional funeral service that occurs before the burial. Frank J. Barone Funeral Home has green burial options that involve maintaining the natural state of the burial site as much as possible. The deceased is buried in a bio-degradable casket, shroud or in a favorite blanket. With this option, there is no use of embalming fluid, concrete vaults, expensive sealed caskets, pesticides or herbicides. Survivors may plant native trees, flowers and shrubs in their loved one’s name.

Many families decide to cremate their loved ones as an alternative to burial. This choice can result from a number of factors including financial considerations, religious or spiritual beliefs and concern for the environment. After the authorization has been signed by the next of kin, the funeral directors at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home arrange for the deceased to be transported from the site of passing. The family decides what clothing the loved one will be cremated in, if special mementos are included in the cremation casket and whether any family members would like to observe or participate in the cremation. The funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home guarantee that the loved one will be handled by certified crematory operators trained to respectfully care for the departed and to provide expert service throughout the cremation.

The funeral professionals at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home offer three cremation options that can be adapted to fit each family’s needs. The most basic of these choices is a direct cremation which occurs absent a viewing, funeral or memorial service. They arrange the transport of the deceased from the place of death directly to the crematorium and receive and file all necessary permits and authorizations. They also provide a simple alternate container for the cremation and have the ashes brought to the funeral home after the process is completed. Although this is the least expensive choice, the lack of ceremony may retard the healing process.

The funeral directors at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home provide traditional funeral services followed by a cremation. With this option, the only difference from a traditional funeral before a burial is that the departed is held in a cremation or rental casket. One may choose to have a wake prior to the funeral with either an open or closed casket. After the cremation, the cremains are delivered to the family. Lastly, the funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home can organize a memorial ceremony at any time after the cremation has occurred, and the family can have it at any place it desires. The urn is typically present at such a service. The funeral directors at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home offer a fine selection of urns for use in containing the ashes of the loved one for scattering, interment, placement in a columbarium niche or to be kept at home.

In addition to urgent need funerals, the funeral directors at Frank J. Barone Funeral Home specialize in pre-arranged funeral planning. Pre-planning one’s funeral allows that person to decide exactly how the funeral will take place, removing all doubts from those left behind. Pre-payment protects people from the added costs of inflation and shields one’s family from the financial load of paying for the funeral. Please come in today for a confidential conference, or make arrangements using the Online Pre-Arrangements Form. Because of the history and reputation of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home, a person can rest assured that pre-paid funds are secure and will be used only for their intended purpose.

For those with funeral shipping needs, please contact the funeral directors of Frank J. Barone Funeral Home to make these arrangements. They quickly coordinate the move of a deceased loved one to any state in the U.S. and work with the receiving funeral home to ensure that the service for the decedent occurs without any complications. For repatriation issues, please make use of their well-established global contacts that cover airline transportation, needed documentation and translation. They assist in domestic and international shipping of cremated remains, as well.

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