Fun Gifts 305 Is Introducing An Amazing Bargain On All Gifts For Black Friday

Nov 22, 2020

If you’re looking for a bargain this Black Friday for your holiday shopping, or you’re looking for some unique and memorable gifts for family and friends under $25 then you might want to check out Fun Gifts 305. For A Limited Time Only, is introducing a 10% discount on your entire order for anyone that uses discount code 10NOV (Expires November 30th, 2020)

If you’re looking for a bargain this holiday season with some thoughtful gifts for family and friends, then you might want to check out Fun Gifts 305. After celebrating the launch of its Personalized Ornament Gifts by giving 50% of its launch day profits to charity on November 11th, has introduced a 10% discount on your entire order for anyone that uses discount code 10NOV (Expires November 30th, 2020) during checkout. – This is a part of Fun Gift 305’s Black Friday Sales effort to provide value to its customers.

“Our Goal At Fun Gifts 305 is to serve you with a unique and memorable gift for any occasion… And we’re just getting started” – Eduardo Herrero, CEO at Fun Gifts 305

Check out the Merry Christmas 2020 Funny Santa Claus Mug. (Best All Around Funny Christmas Gift For Friends Or Family)

If you’d like to see their extraordinary collection of delightful gifts including ornaments, coffee mugs, necklaces, bracelets, message card jewelry, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tumblers, camper mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, and masks, you can check out their website at 

Looking for more specific gift options? We know Black Friday is around the corner, so we came up with this list of gifts to help you simplify your family shopping for the holidays and take advantage of the limited-time discount being offered until the end of November.

Personalized Photo Gifts: Create a unique design with any precious photo that you desire. Just Upload Your Photo to any of their collection of Mugs, Ornaments, Message Card (with Jewelry), Masks, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Long-Sleeve T-Shirts, T-Shirts,  Youth Hoodies, Youth T-Shirts, Pillow Cases,  Tumblrs, Camper Mugs, Travel Mugs, or  Wine Glasses and place your order to amaze that special person in your life with a customized gift that they’ll be sure to love.

Upload Your Photo Ornament 2020: The Personalized Ornament 2020 Gift is the perfect gift for Family Members that haven’t seen a lot of you during this year of travel bans and restrictions. Just upload an old family photo or memory to let them know you’ve been thinking about them this year and Besides, who doesn’t want a personalized gift? Personalized photo ornaments are a perfect keepsake for remembering all of your favorite moments. Turn milestones like baby’s 1st Christmas and the annual family reunion into thoughtful personalized photo gifts that show friends and relatives how much you care. Add fun to your custom creations with adorable photos of the family pet, or upload scans of the kids’ artwork.

To My Granddaughter Ornament: Looking for the perfect gift for your Granddaughter? A Granddaughter will always cherish a heart-warming Christmas ornament from her loving grandparents. View the “To My Granddaughter” ornament from Fun Gifts 305 and surprise her with a delightful and wonderful gift that’s sure to make her smile.

Baby Reveal Photo Upload Mug Gift For Parents: Are you becoming grandparents and don’t know how to announce this news. We make it easy for you with our baby reveal mug. Upload the photo of your baby and announce your little bundle of joy with your family and friends in a unique and exciting way!

To My Grandson Ornament: How about a gift for your Grandson? Give the gift of letting him know that even though you won’t alway be there, he’s stronger, braver, and more loved than he will ever know. View the “To My Grandson” ornament from Fun Gifts 305 and surprise him with a perfect gift to let him know how you feel.

Best Daughter Ever Heart Shaped Ornament: Let your daughter know what you think of her this holiday season with this beautiful heart-shaped ornament that’s sure to warm her heart, and bring cheer and joy to her day everytime she looks over to the Christmas Tree.

Best Grandma Ever Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace: Give your Grandma the gift of letting her know she’s the “Best Grandma Ever” at all times with this beautiful heart-shaped necklace that’s sure to warm her heart, and bring cheer and joy to her day every time she looks down toward her heart.

Best Mom Ever Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace: Let the woman who gave birth to you know how you feel about her this holiday season with a “Best Mom Ever” Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace. This heart-warming and spectacular heart shaped necklace will surprise her with a wonderful gift that will show how grateful you are that she’s your Mom.

Best Daughter Ever Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace: Would you prefer a stunning heart-shaped pendant necklace instead? Constantly remind your daughter that she’s the best ever with a spectacular necklace that she can wear to bring her cheer and joy everytime she looks toward her heart.

Perfect Gift For Daughter-In-Law: Imagine the look on your Daughter-In-Laws face when she opens her gift and finds her new favorite Daughter-In-Law Coffee Mug.This mug will make a wonderful appreciation gift for your Daughter-in-law on any occasion, especially the holidays.

Best Mother In Law Ever T-Shirt: When it comes to gifts for your Mother-in-law, it’s best to keep it simple and let her know what you think of her straight up. With this “Best Mother-In-Law Ever” T-Shirt, you can let her know with a funny and unique gift that she’ll be sure to love. 

What About Funny Gifts For Friends? Or Funny Gifts Gor 2020? Although there are a bunch of options on the website, we’ve narrowed it down to our 3 favorites here:

Merry Christmas 2020 Funny Santa Claus Collection: Looking for a funny Christmas Gift that’s sure to bring in the holiday spirit with laughter and cheer? Try the Merry Christmas 2020 Funny Santa Claus Mug! (Or the Merry Christmas 2020 Funny Santa Claus Ornament) It’s the best all around gift for that friend or family member who loves to laugh, drink and be merry! These funny mugs, two-tone mugs, magic color-changing mugs, Sweatshirts, masks, wine glasses, and shot glasses make for unique gifts that speaks of a person’s sense of humor, and in this case they lock in this historic year with a comedic take on our socially distant 2020. You can now stop searching for the best gift for your husband or best gift for your boyfriend because Fun Gifts 305 has got you covered. 

“The One Where We Quarantined 2020” Friends Collection: So you’ve spent the year in quarantine and pretty much binge-watched Friends like 20 times… You’re not alone. For you and all your quarantine binge-buddies, they’ve got “The One Where We Quarantined 2020 ornaments, mugs, shot glasses, T-Shirts and a personalized version of the mug incase you want to add a photo of you and a friend, or loved one, or pet… no judgement here..

“2020 Survivor” Magic Color Changing Mug: For more of a dark comedy route, there’s the “2020 Survivor” Magic Color Changing Mug. “If you feel like a lifeless shadow every morning before you fill your veins with caffeine, you might identify with this 2020 survivor mug. When empty, its exterior is covered with dark silhouettes of written 2020 survivor on it—but as soon as you fill the mug with a hot beverage, the design comes alive in full color.” (For the simple, white 2020 Survivor Mug which comes in 15oz, click here.


Don’t Forget To Claim Your Coupon Code By Using 10NOV At Checkout Before The End Of November. 

For more fun and customizable gifts for friends and family, visit 

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