Full-Spectrum LED Lighting To Boost Indoor Agriculture Energy Savings & Yield

Jul 10, 2024

If you’re struggling with low crop yields and the energy costs of indoor agriculture, there’s help. Superior LED Technologies’ ((866) 483-4463) grow lighting systems could increase your yields and reduce your utility bill by as much as 50%!

If you’re using DE HPS grow lights for your indoor garden and your crop yield isn’t as high as you’d like it to be – or your energy bills are higher than you’d like them to be – maybe it’s time to check out LED grow lights. Compared to DE HPS lights, they offer superior energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

Superior LED Technologies’ full-spectrum LED grow lighting systems tick all of the above boxes. Check them out at https://SuperiorLEDTech.com

Boost Your Crop Yields, Cut Your Energy Costs

With Superior LED Technologies' systems, you can enjoy 62,000 hours of runtime reliability and as much as a 50% improvement in crop yields - not to mention a 50% to 75% reduction in your energy costs. Their high runtime reliability allows you to maintain or increase your harvests with minimal energy wastage, lower your overall energy expenses, and increase the cost-effectiveness of your operations.

Unparalleled Cost-Effectiveness

All of Superior LED Technologies’ systems utilize Cryo-Therm cooling technology for enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs - they dissipate heat from the grow lights, keeping their operating temperatures low and reducing the devices’ overall energy consumption.

Here's what individual devices have to offer in terms of superior cost-effectiveness: the Superior Peak 680w delivers the industry’s highest reliability, uses 36% less power, and offers a one-to-one performance on par with 1000W DE HPS grow lights. The Superior Peak 840w emits 38% more photons while saving you 20% more energy compared to a DE 1000W HPS system.

Another model, the Superior Peak 1050w, delivers 73% more output and emits 60% more photons per watt than a DE 1000W HPS system. The system is 50% lighter than similar devices from competing brands, due to the Cryo-Therm cooling technology’s ultra-slim form factor.

White-Glove Consultations Available

Want even more energy savings? No matter which state you operate in, the Superior LED Technologies team can help you find and benefit from government utility rebate programs and incentives. If you'd like extra assistance with managing the economics of your grow lighting purchase, you can take advantage of the company’s personalized LED Lighting Strategy Sessions.

About Superior LED Technologies

Superior LED Technologies has been delivering affordable, reliable, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to the indoor agriculture industry since 2014. Its engineering team holds multiple patents, and they are experts in custom diodes and manufacturing design. They can help build facilities from scratch, as well as retrofit existing operations.

“I’m saving energy and harvesting like never before,” one happy client said. “Everyone I’ve worked with at Superior is a genius, and they're always available to answer any questions. Superior's LEDs are unbelievably good. They are the closest thing I’ve seen to the sun.”

For superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, choose Superior LED Technologies and watch your indoor garden prosper like never before!

Learn more, or book a free LED Lighting Strategy Session, at https://SuperiorLEDTech.com

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